A Breakthrough Bris for an 8-Month-Old Baby

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Ditmas Children’s Nursing & Rehab inaugurated the halls of their new facility with a milestone event — a bris. When a little boy with complex medical conditions was born 8 months ago, the doctors determined he was not well enough for the process.

The child needed specialized care, the kind found only at Ditmas Children’s, the only pediatric rehab facility in Brooklyn. Under the direct leadership of Medical Director Dr. Michael Marcus, the baby grew stronger. The team’s dedicated care was showing results and the young child was finally strong enough for a bris.

Dr. Marcus was honored with the role of kvatter and Mashgiach Harav Hagaon Reb Don Segal Shlita from Eretz Yisroel, who was in New York at the time, served as sandek. Dr. Statfeld, who has served the Williamsburg community for more than thirty year, was also among the guests. The medical staff were on hand, both to care for the child and see the fruits of their uncompromising care. Reb Binyomin Landau, dayan of Tosh Boro Park, and medical askan, served as the mohel.

After the bris was performed and the baby’s name was announced, the room erupted in “mazal tovs.” The attendees — more than 20 couples — were welcomed into the dining room for a festive catered meal celebrating the special occasion.

“It’s emotional to host a simcha like this,” says Reb Mendel Rottenberg, administrator of Ditmas Children’s. “It’s incredible to see that, in the short time since Ditmas Children’s opened, we’re already seeing so many accomplishments.”

The bris is the second simcha Ditmas Children’s merited to celebrate. The first was an upshern for a young boy who was ready for an upshern. “Simchos like these fill us with hope,” Mendel Rottenberg said, “Because these are exactly what we opened the facility for. We don’t only want children to grow medically stronger — we want to make sure they can live a life connected to their values and celebrate simchos like a bris, which are an important part of their family’s lives. We want to help them and their families live a better life every day.”