Netanyahu Blasts Bennett Over CNN Article Claiming Change In Israeli Policy With Regard to Iranian Nuclear Deal


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Opposition leader and former prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu erupted in anger at Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, following a report on CNN, that claimed that Israel was changing its stance, slightly, on the issue of Iran obtaining nuclear weapons.

“CNN is claiming that Israel is changing its stance on the Iranian nuclear issue, this is a dangerous and mistaken decision!” Netanyahu stated.

“Bennett has chosen to compromise on the Iranian nuclear issue. He promised U.S. President Joe Biden that he wouldn’t publicly work against him. Bennett agreed to a policy of “no surprises” under which Israel would ratify all military actions against Iran by the U.S. administration first.”

Netanyahu continued, “The Iranian nuclear agreement is a disaster for Israel. It will promise an arsenal of nuclear bombs for Iran with international agreement. We cannot compromise on this and we need to fight against it with all our force. This policy of Bennett’s is endangering all of Israel.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)