How Can We Access the Beis Hamikdash in Our Very Own Cities?

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Join Rabbi Krohn to discover how your local shul, wherever you are in the world, is actually a part of the future Beis HaMikdash. Rabbi Krohn reviews the halachos of behaving respectfully in shul and elucidates the messages we can learn from these dinim; what we can and can’t do in a shul, how children can be taught to appreciate the Kedushah of a shul and how we should increase our pace as we get closer to arriving at the shul.

Bonus- Can you figure out which Posuk in Tehillim hints to us that we must go to shul regardless of the weather? In rain, hail, sleet or snow, if it’s time for shul, to shul we must go! Which Posuk hints at this?

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