Rabbi Avraham Boymrind in debt

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Rabbi Avraham Boymrind is a serious and accomplished tamid chacham- a beloved student, friend, and father. With incredible mesiras nefesh he took upon himself tremendous medical expenses for his father zt”l, as well as the current medical needs of his wife. He does all of this with passion and love for those around him, never doubting the ratzon of Hashem. CLICK HERE TO DONATE!

The tzaros are overwhelming, and beginning to erode his stability and weaken his family financially. With Chanukah around the corner, Rabbi Boymrind needs to give his family the most precious gift of all: stability and comfort to his family. 

It’s with humility that he now turns to Klal Yisroel for help, to help bring financial peace back into his life. It is a great mitzvah to come to the aid of a talmid chacham, to those that have mesiras nefesh in ruchnius and gashmius, and in turn may those that give have an abundance of good, healthy children and increased parnassah.