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With great Siyata D’shmaya Yeshiva Torah Vodaath is growing!

At 103 years young, the Yeshiva continues to be at the forefront of chinuch in America, with over 1100 talmidim from the very youngest in our Nursery all the way through our chavrei hakollel.

Our Yeshiva Ketana has grown to three classes per grade! It boasts numerous creative incentives including an invigorating Shabbos Program, a Shmitah program, an exciting Sunday after-school program and more.

Special programs in Mechina Ohr Yona brings tremendous growth to our maturing upper Yeshiva Ketana talmidim. The excitement in the building is palatable and inviting!

The Mesivta this year increased its enrollment by 25%. Its Mekadmei and Ma’acharei programs, Thursday night post-seder learning and Talmudo B’yado Chazarah programs are but a few examples of how our motivated bochurim blossom during the year. Coupled with outstanding Maggidei Shiur who have a close kesher with the bochurim, it is a Makom Torah that breeds success and growth in each and every talmid.

Our crown jewel – our Batei Medrashim and Kollelim – house over 500 bochurim and yungerleit. The ruach haTorah is tangible, creating an uplifting atmosphere of Aliyah! Alongside the chaburos that are regularly given by the bochurim and yungerliet, they are encouraged to write down their chiddushim and subsequently have them published by the Yeshiva in various Kuntreisim and the annual Hamesivta.

Yeshiva Torah Vodaath is bustling and expanding! Be a part of its growth and help us “MARCH TOWARDS THE FUTURE”. With your donation to our “Match for the Future” Campaign, every dollar you donate will be matched. As we build towards our future, nurturing bnei Torah, we encourage you to become a partner in the outstanding chinuch and team up with us as we impact the future of Klal Yisroel.

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