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$3,500 From Start To Close; Gparency Launches Self Direct, A Mortgage Broker Experience, But Without The Broker Fees

GPARENCY creates equitable access to opportunities for commercial real estate owners everywhere, and Self Direct expands the brand, providing a senior underwriter plus full back-office team – via email – to place and run the deal from start to close

ZOOM, USA – (January 6, 2022) – After a tremendously successful launch in

 Q4 2021, GPARENCY today announces the launch of Self Direct, a new tier for its popular direct-to-bank mortgage model. With the $3,500 Self Direct, users will self-direct their own borrowing, collaborating with a senior underwriter, as well as the full GPARENCY back-office team — via email — to place and run the deal from start to close. All GPARENCY tools, contacts, and expertise, with virtual email support, opens access to an even larger universe of commercial real estate owners for their borrowing needs.  

“We launched Self Direct because it expands our mission of equitable access to commercial real estate owners everywhere,” said Ira Zlotowitz, Founder and CEO of GPARENCY. “Now with Self Direct, even more owners have access to the full relationships, knowledge, expertise and tools of GPARENCY. And all for just $3,500!”   

“There was a high demand for a product like Self Direct,” Zlotowitz added, “And as we gear up over the next year for a fully tech-enabled product, Self Direct will currently operate via email, backed by senior underwriters and our full GPARENCY team. We are creating change faster than even I anticipated, and I’m thrilled that GPARENCY is not only being accepted but embraced.”

Zlotowitz has earned a number of accolades in his 30 plus years in the CREF industry. He was the mastermind behind Meridian’s rise from $300M to $2B+, the founder and driver of Eastern Union’s $5B in yearly loans, a Crain’s “Forty Under 40” honoree while still in his 20s and served as the youngest president of any Top 10 mortgage brokerage. 

Launched in November 2020, GPARENCY was oversubscribed at $15 million, representing the largest seed round ever in the commercial space. GPARENCY’s direct-to-bank formula empowersborrowers with transparency, technology, professional services with expert touches from top real estate finance executives and straight-forward pricing. In the future, GPARENCY will offer long-term plans for clients that will provide all data and tools directly to them through a subscription-based service.


GPARENCY is creating equitable access to opportunities for commercial real estate owners everywhere. GPARENCY gives GPs open and unlimited access to listings, debt, equity and resources via a tech-enabled marketplace that allows all parties to share common data and communicate directly with each other, while having a human component when needed. For more information, contact [email protected].


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