ShidduchView: Solving the Shidduch Resume Crisis

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The shidduch crisis is one of the most discussed topics in the Jewish world. Thousands of men and women remain single for years, going on date after date, sending their resumes to shadchan after shadchan, with little success. However there is another crisis brewing although less known according to Ben Tzion Elchonen ‘The Shidduch Resume Crisis’  “It’s simple, there are just too many Shidduch Resumes out there and not enough dates happening,” says Elchonen. 

Ben Tzion Elchonen Founder of ShidduchView

Ben Tzion Elchonen, a technology entrepreneur, is aiming to address this community challenge with the help of technology. Frustrated by the wasted energy and cost in the conventional dating model, Elchonen sought to create an innovative solution, and came up with ShidduchView

After working tirelessly on the platform for months, ShidduchView is now ready for the public, offering people a way to connect every evening for brief virtual speed dating experiences, where they connect with multiple singles for short video calls to gauge if there is chemistry. Sessions will be held daily at 7, 8 and 9pm, Monday through Thursday. 

Following each session, a Shadchan will follow up with every individual to assist them with navigating the platform, answering any questions they may have, and providing personal support as they navigate their dating experience. 

“We’ve always believed that tech would solve the shidduch crisis,” explains Elchonen “But tech combined with the touch of shadchan can truly do wonders. It means that every person gets the personalized attention they deserve, and knows they are in a safe and supportive environment.”

The current dating experience can be frustrating and impersonal for many, since their real personalities are hidden behind a paper resume. ShidduchView addresses this challenge by first connecting two people for a brief encounter where they can get a feel for each other’s personalities. If there is shared chemistry, then resumes are exchanged and a shadchan can get involved to assist in navigating the next steps.

ShidduchView places an emphasis on security, to ensure that all users feel safe using the platform. All sessions are recorded for review if needed, and users who violate the terms of the platform can quickly be reported and suspended by the staff. 

As a community endeavor, ShidduchView depends on collective support to provide the technology, infrastructure, and manpower needed to keep running. A Chesed Fund page has been set up to allow it to continue to grow and make more matches. If you are inspired to help this important cause, you can do so here: