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הדר קבלוה……קיימו מה שקיבלו כבר R’ Shlomo Yehuda Rechnitz Assumes Role as President of Oraysa

Like our forefathers in the midbar who accepted the Torah at Har Sinai, many of us long for our Yeshiva days, when we were able to devote all our time and energy to the geshmak of total immersion in the breadth and depth of the yam hatorah.

Over the past several years, Oraysa has enabled a growing number of lomdim to experience a realization and revival of this very mesikus hatorah they had so desperately been seeking. Like the renewed acceptance of the Torah at the time of the Purim miracle – amidst the trials and tribulations of galus, Oraysa’s unique formula enables its lomdim to maximize their time by progressing at a sustainable pace. 

In keeping with Rashi’ s comment in Kiddushin,

״שיהו מחודדין בפיך – חזור עליהם ןבדוק העומקים שאם ישאלך אדם לא תצטרך לגמגם אלא שתוכל לומר מיד״

That the Torah should be perceptively versed in your mouth – review them and study their depths so that when you’re questioned, you won’t have to hesitate; rather, you’ll respond immediately – Oraysa’s program allocates a specific schedule of chazara that has proven to ensure retention of the material learned.

From its humble beginnings several years ago – with the encouragement of gedolei rabbonim and roshei yeshiva – Oraysa has blossomed into a revolutionary global phenomenon, attracting thousands of yidden of all stripes and backgrounds into its warm embrace. Thousands of lomdim spanning four continents now utilize Oraysa’s basic program, with many opting for one of the numerous additionally resources Oraysa provides, including daily bekius and iyun shiurim, marei mekomos for each amud, voluntary daily and monthly quizzes, and bechinos on every 30 blatt covered. 

This unique blend of progress in learning coupled with a proven track record of retention is boosting Oraysa’s remarkable expansion and attracting an ever-growing number of devotees. In another resemblance to the kabbolas haTorah in the days of Mordechai – with desire and geshmakOraysa is poised for a new dimension of growth. Its persistent surge in both numbers and strength summoned the need for an individual who had the vision, drive, and ability to yet propel it further on its mission of spreading the mesikus hatorah throughout the world in advancement of Oraysa’s lofty goal. 


בתחילה היתה תורה דומה לכפיפה שאין לה אזנים עד שבא שלמה ועשה לה אזנים (עירובין כא:)

[At first, the Torah was like a basket without handles until Shlomo Hamelech came and made handles for it. Handles make a basket easier to carry; Shlomo Hamelech’s wisdom and the ordinances he enacted provided people with the ability to understand and take hold of the Torah and its way of life.] 

At this critical moment, R’ Shlomo Yehuda Rechnitz has selflessly stepped forward and agreed to serve as Oraysa’s president. In assuming this new role, R’ Shlomo Yehuda Rechnitz will architect and escalate the continued expansion of Oraysa across the globe. 

A renowned ambassador of Torah and a talmid chochom in his own right, R’ Shlomo Yehuda has a rare appreciation for mesikus hatorah and its beneficence on those who imbibe its delightful spirit. For decades, R’ Shlomo Yehuda has imbued his vision and drive into countless efforts to invigorate and strengthen the study of Torah, and has chosen to invest his extensive abilities and transcendent innovation to the expansion of Oraysa’s impact on world Jewry. 

Personifying the Ben Torah that he is, R’ Shlomo Yehuda has taken the initiative to lead Oraysa into the next phase of its growth: infusing a sipuk and mesikus into the learning – and indeed, the lives – of tens of thousands of more lomdim across the globe.

With R’ Shlomo Yehuda as President under the guidance of the Nesi’im Hagaon Rav Noach I. Oelbaum and Hagaon Rav Dovid Cohen Shlit”a , Oraysa is now in an unparalleled position to further develop its universal reach, by building upon the resources and tools it provides its lomdim, and bringing the sweetness of Torah to all who yearn for it.

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