Video: What Is Tu B’av Together 4 Shidduchim? (2 Live Music & Tefillah Events & 500,000 People)

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Everyone knows someone that needs a shidduch, (I’m sure you do to) – so it’s worth the 23 seconds it takes to learn about TU B’AV TOGETHER YAD L’ACHIM’S GLOBAL DAY OF TEFILLAH FOR SHIDDUCHIM!WATCH THE 2 FREE LIVE MUSIC & TEFILLAH EVENTS ON TU B’AV

That’s why over 500,000+ Jews from across the world (U2), will be davening together on Tu B’Av (8/12 @10am) for SHIDDUCHIM, reciting 8 perakim of Tehillim .To download the Tehillim to be said on Tu B’Av Together CLICK HERE

There will be 2 Live Events with Rabbonim & Musical performances to watch online at (see flyer below).THURSDAY 8/10 @7:30PM: FREE LIVE MUSIC EVENT WITH 14 STARS           FRIDAY 8/11 @8:30PM : LIVE TEFILLAH EVENT WITH LEADING RABBONIM

At the same time as Klal Yisrael is davening for one another, there will be a minyan of Talmidei Chachamim in Amuka, davening for all who submit their names for tefillah (it’s free) through Yad L’Achim.

TO SUBMIT NAMES FOR FREE, NOW – CLICK HERE OR VISIT (or call 1-866-923-5224 we are here to help!)  

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