Real women. Real Stories. The Real Temech.

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Temech was founded in 2006 on one simple yet powerful belief: 

Every Chareidi woman in Israel should get the chance to have a comfortable Parnassah without compromising Torah values. 

Temech’s mission is to enable Orthodox women in Israel to maximize their employment and entrepreneurship opportunities. Through practical training and supportive services, Temech provides women with tools for professional success and financial independence.

Who are the women of Temech? 

They’re strong. Resilient. Smart. Talented. Capable. 

They have what it takes. They just need some support to get there. 

Like Chaya. 

Growing up in a three-room apartment in Jerusalem, the sixth daughter in a chinuch family, she was determined to rise above poverty and provide amply for her family. She was a talented artist– but no idea how to get the requisite training in a profitable field or create new revenue streams. Temech was her answer. Temech gave her the financial tools, and showed her how to develop a business plan so that she can use her talents to support her family.

And Orly. 

She’s a young, bright, and motivated Bais Yaakov graduate who did well in her computer programming course. She’s looking for a position that will allow her to put away savings – but won’t betray her deeply-held values. She was out of school for a year and couldn’t land a decent job. Temech’s internship program provided the first line on her resume, and landed her a secure job.

Temech moves women from struggling to successful – through the fruit of their own hands. 

Through our free or discounted mentorship programs, career training, freelance guidance, professional networking events, startup fund, collaborative workspace, and workplace partnerships,  we empower every woman to pursue her dreams efficiently and effectively. 

You can give Tzedakah dollars. 

Or, you can invest your Tzedakah dollars. 

At Temech, we can’t do it alone.

This February 5th-6th Temach is raising $1 Million to invest in the future of these women. 

Join us in helping each woman reap the Fruit of her Future

Employment. Entrepreneurship. Empowerment.