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Frum man left injured after serious car accident in California

Nissim, a hardworking and honest contractor, was injured in a terrible accident. Before the misfortune, he could provide for his family with dignity. After, his hands were barely functional. He underwent painful surgeries requiring lengthy recovery periods and endless medical bills.

His entire career was based on his physical strength, and in a few seconds, he lost everything!

Besides paying his family’s food, rent, and tuition, Nissim now has high medical and rehabilitation costs. These expenses are staggering! DONATE NOW!

His faith in Hashem is strong. His firm Emunah and Bitachon inspire his family. Despite his struggles and hardships, he believes this is from Hashem, that everything happens for a reason, and that Hashem’s plan will become apparent over time.

Please help lift the heavy burden off his back and relieve him from the stress that he is going through.

We thank you in advance for your warmth and care during these difficult times on behalf of this father and his beautiful children.

You should be blessed with health and only good!

Rabbi Shimon Maphary, Dayan of the Los Angeles Beit Din

Rabbi Raphael Guy, Kehilat Shuva Israel

Rabbi David Toledano, Kehilat Beit Avraham

Rabbi Zvi Boyarsky, The Aleph Institute


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