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Celebrate Purim with YidFlicks! – Here are the Top 6 Purim Videos on YidFlicks

As Purim approaches, many people look for ways to educate and learn about the Purim holiday. In this list, we’ll take a look at the top 6 videos from YidFlicks for Purim, each with its own unique twist on the classic Purim story.

Celebrate Purim with YidFlicks!

1: Megillas Lester

Join Lester and his friends as they get ready to put on a spectacular Purim play – until Lester gets injured! Curiously, Lester finds himself in the middle of a re-enactment of the Purim story, but in a new and imaginative storyline! Parents and kids alike enjoy the wonderful antics in this feature length film centered around Purim and Megillas Esther. Zany characters and wild happenings keep the laughs going and the amusement rolling through the entire video.

2: Purim – The Lot

Take a trip back in time in this incredible animated film to the court of the king and his beautiful Jewish wife Queen Esther as you watch the dramatic story of the Jewish victory over the Persian persecution.

3: Shazak! Queen Of Persia

It’s a classic tale of good versus evil. It has all the elements of a captivating drama: a virtuous heroine, a wicked villain, suspense, intrigue, and surprise plot twists. This film is geared towards all ages and has been enjoyed by adults as much as children.

Celebrate Purim with YidFlicks!

4: The Lego Purim Story

Watch as the Purim story comes alive with the Lego characters!

5: Faigy’s Hilarious Purim Miracle

Join Faigy as she navigates between real life and her imagination, living the story of Purim as Queen Esther. Complete with juggling, magic, parkour & more, Faigy’s Hilarious Purim Miracle will have you laughing out loud and cheering, all while learning the timeless Megillah lesson about stepping up to do the right thing. 

6: Purim Rock

A fun musical all about the miracle of the Purim story. This video is great for children of all ages! Click here to watch Shazak!

Celebrate Purim with YidFlicks!

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