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Marine Park, Brooklyn: Sudden Petira R’ Shmuel Thurm survived by Wife, 10 Children

Our dear friend and neighbor, Shmuel Thurm, battled kidney failure for an extended period before he left us. Shmuel was not only a beloved member of our community but also the devoted father of ten children. As the primary provider for the Thurm family, his absence has left a void that is deeply felt by all who knew him.

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Shmuel’s struggle with illness prevented him from working the last few years, placing an unforeseen financial strain on the Thurm family. In an effort to support them during this challenging time, we, the Marine Park Frum Community, have launched a Tzedakka campaign.

The funds raised will be directed toward crucial needs such as funeral expenses, outstanding medical bills, and essential living costs for Shmuel’s ten children. The funds will also be allocated to assist Mrs Thurm and children in covering future wedding expenses, celebrating upcoming simchas, and providing for basic necessities. Additionally, we aim to support any therapies that may be needed to help the family cope with their loss and navigate the challenges that lie ahead.

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Our community has always been defined by its unity, strength, and compassion. Now, more than ever, we are called upon to demonstrate the true meaning of these values by coming together to support the Thurm family. We understand the power of collective action and believe that, through our combined efforts, we can make a meaningful difference in their lives.

Additionally, we kindly ask you to share this campaign within our tight-knit community and beyond. Your assistance in spreading the word will ensure that we reach as many compassionate individuals as possible.

Thank you for considering this urgent appeal and for joining us in supporting the Thurm family during this trying time. Together, as the Marine Park Frum Community, we can provide comfort and assistance to our neighbors in need.

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Thank You – Tizku L’mitzvos

Campaign Organized With Guidance And Encouragement From:

Rabbi Tversky – Kollel & Bais HaMedrash Makarov

Rabbi Rokeach – Bais Mordechai

Rabbi Eichenstein – K’hal Tiferes Avrohom

Rabbi Goldstein – K’hal Ner L’Meiah

R’ Shea Rubinstein – Executive Director – JCC of Marine Park

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