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DIVORCE is dramatically rising in the frum community.THIS is how you can stop the trend.


Esther and Shloimie always seem so happy together.
But in reality, their marriage is crumbling.

Esther and Shloimie care for each other and believe in their marriage, but constant conflict chips away at the strong foundation they’ve tried to build.

“It will get better with time.”

(Not necessarily. Neglected issues often get worse.)

“Everyone wants instant satisfaction these days.”

(Actually, they are willing to invest time and effort — but they need guidance.)

“Why don’t they seek professional help?”

(The impossible dilemma: go into debt while paying for therapy, or live with the problem.)

It takes courage to reach out for help.
It takes determination to refine one’s character.
It takes humility to learn new ways of interacting with family.
But the biggest challenge is figuring out where to start — and how to pay for it

As a popular chassan teacher in Yerushalayim, Rabbi Meir Sommer saw these problems up close, and in this breach, on his own, he started B’Lev Echad.

B’Lev Echad uses a three-pronged approach:
● Identify the underlying issues
● Draw up a master plan
● Subsidize the cost of therapy

B’Lev Echad presents a dynamic approach and a simple strategy to combat a devastating issue.

B’Lev Echad cannot do this on its own — the life-altering results B’Lev Echad promotes are made possible solely because of people like YOU.

“Once the financial strain was eased, we were able to gain so much more from therapy.”

B’Lev Echad matches therapists with struggling couples. With the couple’s consent, we then follow up with the therapist and monitor the situation, ensuring that defined goals are met and progress continues apace.

The impact of B’Lev Echad is tremendous and awe-inspiring, and we owe that success to our donors: individuals who care, who hear about the troubles of a struggling family, and are moved to help.

Families are being transformed as couples learn to work together, integrating their newfound skills to create happier homes. What’s more, the children benefit in the newly- improved atmosphere, stabilizing their own prospects, as well.

“…I’m a better me, a better spouse, and a better father.”

“Since we started getting help from B’Lev Echad, our children are growing up in a different type of home.”

We are inundated with requests from rabbanim and couples, but our budget cannot keep pace with our ever-growing waiting list.

100 percent of every donation goes directly to our network of professional therapists and specialists.

We need your help — to provide unwavering support in the rigorous work of untangling complicated family dynamics.

We need your support — to ease the financial strain the high cost of therapy brings to an already precarious situation.

Become our partner — and help even more marriages thrive.

Save our children — by enabling them to grow up within a stable and loving environment.

“I call upon all who can to help support this most worthy cause – the establishment of healthy homes that will raise future generations of Klal Yisrael.”
– Harav Hagaon Yitzchak Berkovits, shlit’a


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