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Shuvu: On the Front Lines of the War…and the Teshuva Movement in Eretz Yisroel

The darkest of times can lead to the brightest of times. It is the story of Klal Yisroel.  Since October, soldiers have started wearing Tzitzis and Chilonim are putting on Tefillin. Tens of thousands of Yidden have started coming back!

Shuvu, with 67 schools across Eretz Yisroel, is on the front lines of the Teshuva movement. And over 1,000 NEW children are looking to leave public schools to learn about Yiddishkeit in a Shuvu school!

But Shuvu’s cost, after all programs, is $1,200 per child. We cannot bear to turn away even one child. Please help us by sponsoring a child, or with whatever amount you can help.

Under the auspices of Harav Reuven Feinstein shlita and HaRav Elya Brudny shlita, Shuvu is changing the face of Eretz Yisroel. Of Klal Yisroel.

Please donate today and together we can go Mei’afeila L’orah!


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