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From Vigil to Victory: Transforming Support for Hostages Into Tangible Action With ?

Matityahu Gold | Wednesday, March 20, 2024

I remember standing at a vigil, holding up a candle for the hostages longing to return home. The regret and sorrow we collectively felt—as we stood helpless, unable to directly support them—was heavy. The desire to do more, to actively participate in their freedom, was overwhelming.

As of March 20, 2024, it has been 165 days since 240 of our brothers, sisters, and children were taken hostage. Think about that… 

That night 140 different faces, names, and stories of those still detained crowded my mind, as I stood by countless others, showing solidarity in the cold night. 

There is a one year old baby still in captivity.  Now think about that…  An invisible wall stood between us and them, making it difficult for us to make any significant change.

We needed an effective way to contribute more directly— a way that not only supported the freedom of the hostages but also empowered us to spread their message and raise awareness about their plight. 

This is when I noticed my friend Rabbi Berokhim wearing something that really caught my attention. A sweatshirt with captivating artwork printed on it, the words “Let My People Go” written strongly, I could tell there was something deeper going on with the Hebrew letters appearing the closer I looked. 

Curious to know what the Hebrew writing was, I asked Rabbi Berokhim and he gave me the most profound answer. The Hebrew letters that comprise the English words of let my people go, are the names of each and every hostage taken on October 7th!

Rabbi Berokhim then shared the message of LMPGF, the non-profit organization ‘Let My People Go Free’. How they didn’t start as a clothing company; it began as a movement. Their mission is rooted in compassion and driven by a deep desire to make a positive impact on the lives of the hostages, their families, the IDF, the Israeli people, and the Jewish Nation as a whole.

“Purchase our merchandise, and you help spread the message of freedom while providing direct financial support to the hostages and their families,” they promised.

Initially, I was skeptical. Could we genuinely impact their lives through this seemingly simple act? But, the more I learned about Let My People Go Free and the tangible change they were delivering, the more I realized that this was a meaningful way to make a difference.

‘Let My People Go Free’ offers high-quality products like phone cases, sweatshirts, stickers, bags, t-shirts, and hats, all adorning a symbolic logo. Each item carries a message of liberation and hope, simultaneously supporting the cause monetarily. Every product bought contributes directly to supporting the hostages and their families by channeling the funds via Pray It Forward 26 501(c).

In a short time, the organization has made significant strides, with customers commending both the merchandise’s quality and the direct impact of their donations.

Customers have widely reviewed their products and cause. Like David who shares, “The clothing is top-notch, and it gives me a sense of pride to put this powerful message on display.” Or Rachel, who urges others to “Support our brothers and sisters, Let My People Go!”

Inspired by their clear mission and overwhelming customer feedback, I made the decision to invest in their cause, by purchasing their merchandise on

I started with a ‘Let My People Go Free’ t-shirt. I was pleased with the quality, and the logo was a clear conversation starter wherever I went. I felt like I was actively participating in spreading the message of freedom and creating awareness. The best part was knowing that my purchase was directly supporting those in need.

Prices of the merchandise vary according to their type, making it accessible to supporters at different levels of affordability.

Is it Worth it? Knowing that every product I own from ‘Let My People Go Free’ has a palpable impact on the lives affected by this conflict, is priceless. Every hat, every t-shirt, every sticker, not only shared the message of freedom but also financially supported those in need, reassuring me that I was directly contributing to their cause.

I gradually picked up more items – including a phone case and a sweatshirt. Each one became a testament to my commitment to the cause and enabled me to engage people in conversations about the issue more extensively.

UPDATE Wednesday, March 20, 2024 – ‘Let My People Go Free’ merchandise continues to gain widespread support, with new designs and products being added to their line. Supporters around the globe are uniting for the cause, wearing their merchandise with pride and helping spread the message of freeing the hostages. Join us now and make an impact with your purchases on their official website

Here’s what other supporters have to say: Linda, Florida: “Fantastic quality, it feels great to make such a meaningful contribution.” Sam, New York: “The cap is great! I’ve had folks ask about it, allowing me to introduce them to the cause too.”

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