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Mastering Maseches Sukkah With Oraysa Amud V’Chazarah

In just a few weeks, thousands of Lomdei Oraysa from around the globe will be celebrating the completion of Maseches Yoma with the Oraysa Amud V’Chazarah  program that has revolutionized the Torah world. 

With its somewhat complex sugyos, many of which are connected to Kodashim, the completion of Maseches Yoma is truly a cause for celebration. Thousands of hours collectively spent toiling over this Masechta, with many people investing time into extra rounds of chazara are now coming to a culmination.

Success breeds success, Yoma is yet another rung in the ladder, another brick in the edifice which is Talmud Bavli. Immediately following the final amud of Yoma, on the first day of Chol Hamoed Pesach, Oraysa lomdim will begin the next step of the journey – Maseches Sukkah.

Sukkah is especially exciting because it is a familiar Masechta for many and is an ‘approachable’  limud with lots of practical sugyos that lomdim will identify with. Additionally, the timing of this next Masechta coincides beautifully with the calendar, as Oraysa is set to finish Masechta Sukkah just in time for Succos of 5785, bezH. There is no doubt that the lomdei Oraysa who will have just spent months toiling in the sugyos of Sukkah and arba minim will experience a special simcha and meaningful connection to the Yom Tov.

 It is notable that many of the “original” lomdei Oraysa, who joined the program upon its inception approximately four years ago, are still keeping up with the program, having completed Masechtos Berachos, through Yoma. This is a testament to how practical the program is and how it has made the goal of completing and thoroughly knowing entire Masechtos an attainable one.

Participants describe the immense satisfaction and sipuk hanefesh that they receive from the innovative program that calls for the studying of one Amud a day, 5 days a week, in a thorough manner. Each day, one new Amud is learned and yesterday’s Amud is reviewed, with Friday and Shabbos is dedicated to reviewing the two-and-a-half blatt learnt over the week. With this format, each Amud of Gemara is learned, understood, and mastered. 

Scores of lomdim say that the program has changed their lives and raised the bar of their learning to new heights. Many others have joined Oraysa with each new Masechta, with new chaburos and shiurim forming in more and more locations and cities around the globe. 

As one Lomed Oraysa succinctly put it, “Oraysa has literally rejuvenated my learning and granted me a level of enjoyment in a blatt Gemara that I haven’t felt since I was in Yeshiva. I am proud to say that I not only learned several Masechtos and reviewed them several times, I truly feel like I acquired them and know them well.”

In addition to the geshmak of the learning program itself, the many resources offered by Oraysa have shown to be a valuable companion to enhance the learning and bring it to the next level. 

The shiurim available on Oraysa’s website and hotline featuring top-notch Magidei Shiur in English, Yiddish, and Hebrew which focus either on p’shat in the Gemara or more in-depth analyses of the sugya has also proven to be a major attraction. Several new Magidei Shiur have been added to the platform in recent months, all of whom add their own unique style catering to the specific style of learning of each lomed. 

The handy Oraysa calendar is one user-friendly tool that many carry around that helps lomdim stay up-to-date and keep track of what they’ve learned and is just one of the many resources offered by Oraysa. 

On a more local level, Oraysa has helped organize shiurim, chaburos and chavrusos in dozens of communities across America, Canada, Eretz Yisroel, Europe, and beyond. Lomdei Oraysa know that wherever they find themselves in the world, they are more than likely to find an Oraysa chaburah to join for the day. 

Participants also have the option of taking an optional bi-monthly bechina, which is given every other Sunday on the five Blatt learned over the course of the past two weeks. The Mivchanei Oraysa bechina has become a valuable tool for testing one’s knowledge and promoting retention, motivating participants to do additional, pre-bechina reviews at the end of each two weeks.

It has become a common sight to see lomdim proudly bearing the highly popular “Yalkut Oraysa”. This booklet is a masterfully created work of marei mekomos, explanations, daily quizzes and halacha l’ma’aseh which are utilized as important aids to enhance the learning of thousands of avid Lomdei Oraysa. It is now found in batei medrash all over the world and has become an invaluable resource for so many. 

For anyone thinking of joining and becoming part of this tremendous Torah movement, the start of Masechtas Sukkah is a great time to get on board and benefit from all Oraysa has to offer. For anyone looking to acquire a Masechta and gain daily satisfaction and simcha in learning, Oraysa may just be the program you are looking for! 

To join Oraysa for Maseches Sukkah, for more information, to set up or join a shiur or chaburah in your neighborhood, please head to
or contact us at 914.8.ORAYSA or email [email protected].

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