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REPORT: Israel’s War Cabinet Decides On “Clear And Forceful” Attack On Iran

According to an unsourced report by Channel 12, Israel’s war cabinet has decided to retaliate “clearly and forcefully” against Iran for its missile and drone attack on Saturday night. The response aims to convey that Israel will not tolerate such attacks without a reaction.

The report suggests that Israel seeks to prevent Iran from establishing a new dynamic, where Iranian retaliation against Israeli strikes on its territory would become the norm. Israel’s response will be designed to make it clear that such an equation is unacceptable.

While Israel does not want its response to escalate into a regional war or destabilize the coalition that helped defend against Iran’s attack, the report indicates that coordination with the US is planned.

The war cabinet is set to meet again tomorrow, and with Home Front Command regulations unchanged, an Israeli attack is unlikely to occur today.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. Israel seems to want to strick Iran including it’s nukes
    Till now Iran was listening not to make nukes or get some from Korea or Pakistan if Israel does hit Iran facilities it seems that unless they finish the regime a nuclear war will come
    But before that if they send aircraft to Iran most probably the Russians will give them good anti aircraft and the syrians
    The Iranians already figured that there ballistics aren’t working and that might cause them to make airplanes instead
    How long do you think it might take them to make a f35
    In today’s world you can’t say they don’t have the technology
    If Israel attacks with bombs from outer space it will cause the world to do the same
    This means you really can’t win Iran without destroying the regime cause they can have the same army sufficticated

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