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HatzalahThon 5: The Heartbeat of Our People

“But he goes to the other shul.” 

-Said no Hatzalah member, ever. 


Despite the many differences in our community, there is one truth that remains unwavering: our hearts all beat the same way. Because – we are one people, with one heart.

With the current state of the world, there is no doubt that our unity and connection is integral to our future. While our hearts ache for our brethren worldwide, we know there’s only one way to mend a broken heart: when we’re together, whole-heartedly! 

Today, Hatzalah turns to the community to answer their call for solidarity. Hatzalah chapters spanning 42 cities worldwide have come together to celebrate the powerful and collective heartbeat of our people.  

Everyone knows them as the first responders in a crisis. You have their number memorized, and you know you can rely on them in times of need. They’re reliable, immediate to respond, and they genuinely care. 

But who are the faces behind the sirens? 

At the heart of Hatzalah stands a community hero. Dressed in everyday clothing, he may be your neighbor, your uncle, or a close friend. But regardless of his political views or which shul he attends, the heroic individual will be by your side within moments of your call.

With heartfelt dedication, he responds to your situation with the care and attention of a true brother. He ensures the continued heartbeat of our community, and his impact lives on for generations to come. 

As HatzalahThon 5 takes flight, each city becomes part of something so much bigger. Strangers transform into brothers, and unknown faces become close friends. Together, we develop a pulsing heart that is unbreakable, with the knowledge that we are stronger when we stand as one. 

Hatzalah always answers our call in times of need. Now, the question remains: can we answer theirs?

Open your heart to Hatzalah! Every person matters. Every contribution counts. 


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