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Neturei Karta gets 3 minutes on TV

Here we go again. Today on NATIONAL TV we had our good buddies from Neturei Karta identifing themselves as “RABBIS” bashing the State of Israel. [Click HERE to view it.] Why is everyone being silent?–YW Editor.

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  1. That guy Weiss, is the only person that can turn me into a murderer. Whenever I see him yapping for his media thirsty lowlife selfish reasons I wanna puke and than I wanna find him and kill him.

    May he die a slow painful death!

  2. I can not understand how these people get away with this. I really don�t think the typical frum family realizes how dangerous this interview was. Fox news is the most matched news broadcast in the US. Everything weiss says represents �our� opinion in the world view. Is there anything being done to stop these guys? Cant we get a little organized and put an end to this madness?

  3. Well start with this guy.
    Mordecai W. Weberman
    367 Marcy Ave. Unit 4-R
    Brooklyn NY 11206
    Or this one
    Dovid Weiss
    102A Saddle River Road
    Monsey, New York 10952
    Phone: (845) 371-0490; Fax: (845) 371-429

  4. Is theis the Dovid Weiss that was on the interveiw?!?! I would start a calling and faxing campaign until he shows his true colors and converts to Islam. I wonder if he has a din of Moser; maybe we can meet him in the mikvah!!

  5. mailto:[email protected]
    Please e-mail Mr. Cavuto ( who interviewed this nutjob) and tell him to give Mainstream Orthodoxy a chance to debate or at least to make it clear that this guy is on the extreme fringe’s of judaism and his own sanity.
    Pass on this address to everyone with e-mail and beg them to send at least a short note. Last but not least; DAVEN!!!!!

  6. Let’s not forget the Gemara Gittin 56A concerning the ejection of Bar Kamtza from a party “The Rabbis are sitting here and nobody protests!?”. Likewise, when his mesirah was not taken seriously in bringing a Ba’al Muum Korban “Rabbi Yochanan says ‘Because of the timidity of Rabbi Zechariah ben Avkolos our Temple was destroyed, our Sanctuary was burned and we were exiled from our land'”.

    ‘Nuff said!

  7. Lakewood Guy if you want to stop them you can put up a blue and white flag but if no charadim will do that then the goyim will think you are like Weiss “there is a war and they dont show support??” That is what they will think!!

  8. >>�The Rabbis are sitting here and nobody protests!?�.

    The rabbis are not sitting here and watching TV. Bring it to their attention and see how they asses this danger and respond.

  9. well,rememb er last like 2 years ago when r shteinman came to the usa,and he was in bp..there wackos tried to attack him but people beat the hell out of them.

  10. YM,

    Bring it to their attention and see how they assess this danger and respond.

    According to you they are already know given REMMS “bavusterer” protest against NK years ago (which remains buried in some obscure sefer somewhere) among others. Besides, aren’t there already scores of Askanim whose job it is to bring Chillulei HaShem and Bizyonei Torah to the attention of the Gedolim? Are these august individuals are not doing their jobs KeDeBo’i?

    Anyways, I suspect you are far closer to the “inner circle” than I am, being in a “galusdike shtodt”. I raise the flag here in the virtual community and, hopefully, someone with access, like yourself, can talk it up. I make you my shaliach, hereby.

  11. What chutzpah for this so-called “rabbi” to say that mainstream orthodox Judaism has been brainwashed by Zionists that Iran and the Moslem terrorists want to annihilate us! According to him, they don’t mean what they say! They only want to ‘peacefully’ dismantle the political State of Israel! What dribble! Iran says they want Israel wiped off the face of the map. Only a fool (which is what this representative of Neturei Karta is) would believe that Iran which is building nukes, wants the ‘peaceful’ dismemberment of Israel. What proof does this traitor bring? The fact that Ahmenijad, may his name be erased, hasn’t murdered the Jewish citizens of Iran! That’s because the Jews of Iran are forced to publicly condemn Israel and participate in anti-Israel demonstrations. Let these self-hating Jews go live in Iran with their “brothers”. There’s still time to do teshuvah.

  12. Yeshiva Man you are ignorant! You know nothing about the Rabbi or KACH lets just hpoe you stay a Yeshiva Man because we need them also!!

  13. CR,

    Who in the “inner circle” watches TV (or blogs for that matter)?

    “scores of Askanim whose job…” Realistically, no Askan with a job will deal with this issue.

    “someone with access…” Telephone?

    “being in a ‘galusdike shtodt’… ” Not a P’tur.

    “I make you my shaliach…” Karaina D’Igrisa Ihu L’hevi Parvanka. (Cf. Bamidbar 25:7 Rashi)

  14. Who in the �inner circle� watches TV (or blogs for that matter)?

    Well, you are conversing with me on this blog.

    �someone with access�� Telephone?

    �being in a �galusdike shtodt�� � Not a P�tur.

    �I make you my shaliach�� Karaina D�Igrisa Ihu L�hevi Parvanka. (Cf. Bamidbar 25:7 Rashi)

    All spoken like a buck-passer unwilling to take action. I have been in conversations with the Rabbis I know about this matter and I have made clear my own feelings. I am acting within my sphere of influence. What have you done? Have you tried influencing your Sivuv and Kerovim on the matter? Or are you too Aroisgechapt with minutiae like Rabbi Zechariah ben Avkolos?

  15. I am true to my word. (Thanks Commisioner for the contact info) I found this website called and i spent the best $10.00 in my life. The site allows me to call Weiss from any caller ID that I want. I keep and calling him from the Israeli embassy and the white house. I called him from FOX and I was Threatening him in a different Voice (they let me change my voice too!)

    This will keep me busy for a while. If anyone has anymore Phone numbers for these NK nutjobs, Please Post.


  16. I just wrote to Mr. Cavuto at Fox.
    Is there really any point to write to the nudniks themselves?
    You can’t teach an old dog new tricks!

  17. hashem yerachem!
    these so called chasidim are making such achilul hashem-mabey thats why we have so much tzures-“lechoire” these people have a din rodeph and rotzeach and should be bombd out together with all the other terrorists

  18. YW Editor,

    Why is everyone being silent?

    I think our friend Yeshiva Man has illustrated just what might be behind the deafening silence in his comments on this and prior NK threads. Basically, he weakly acknowleges that NK is mistaken, tragic, perhaps even evil. Nevertheless, he is far too concerned with safeguarding his own Olam Habaa to be moved into action. Rather, he would rather pass that responsibility to someone arguably less holy than himself lest some of the shemetz rub off on him. Are his actions (and inactions) a microcosm of today’s Gedolim and their Askanim? For the well being and survival of all Klal Yisroel I hope not!

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