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The Agudah statement regarding Neturei Karta

agudah.jpgThere should be no need to state the following, but to avoid any misconceptions in the media or among members of the public, Agudath Israel of America proclaims strongly and unequivocally that the visibly Jewish men who regularly appear publicly with virulent anti-Semites and claim to represent Jewish Orthodoxy not only do not represent anyone but themselves but are a disgrace to the Jewish people.

Most recently, they presented themselves at the much and properly vilified Holocaust denial “conference” in Teheran, where widely-disseminated photographs captured the pitiful spectacle of their greeting and shaking hands with Iran’s demonic president.  Neither their professed determination to protect the interests of Jews nor their haredi garb can obscure the fact that all they accomplish is to offer succor and support to people who eagerly wish to do grave harm to Jews.

There are many groups within the Orthodox community, and they represent widely differing positions on the concept of political and religious Zionism.  All responsible Orthodox groups, however, have condemned the group at issue in no uncertain terms.  Agudath Israel joins in that condemnation and declares that the group is not only deeply misguided and misleading of the public but dangerous to the true interests of the Jewish People.

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  1. These people usurped the name of Neteurei Karta. The emesdika NK are the Eretz Yisroel’dika that have nothing to do with these Chutz L’Oretz clowns. They are Emesdika mentchen, not publicity hounds (like these so-called NK.)

  2. For many many years, AI made no memorable public statements condemning NK “in no uncertain terms” in its press releases or in its Jewish Observer or other publications. This was compounded by its nonparticipation in (or rather, its opposition to) the rally in Washington in 2002. Now it seeks to distance itself from NK. Methinks that this latest statement is at least as much about controlling damage at 42 Broadway as it is about promoting a strong Israel.

  3. yes they right but its nice to see how they pick the issue they want.
    they did not even beat satmar to it.
    when comes to yidishkeat(thorah, mitvos issues) I want to see them not only on policy ‘benogea’ zionisim

  4. It’s foolish to compare metzitzah b’peh to the situation with NK.

    For one thing, what NK is doing is a matter of pikuach nefesh; they are placing Jews in sakanah. Those who oppose MBP are not placing anyone in sakanah; to the contrary, they say that they are preventing Jews from being placed in sakanah. At any rate, the MBP issue is not nearly as urgent or important as the NK issue.

    Secondly, there are many, many poskim who say that there is no chiyuv of metzitzah b’peh, and that where there is a ch’shash sakanah, it should be dropped. The pro-MBP crowd doesn’t like to admit this, but those who are interested in the truth should be me’ayein in the Sefer HaBris, where all the shitos are listed, and they will see it is true. Given that this is the case, it’s silly to compare opposition to NK, whose actions are chamur in the extreme, to support for MBP.

  5. Lets all be A LOT more careful on how we talk about A.I…it is run al pi many of the great gedolim of our dor and again even if we have questions they must be addressed in a respectable manner…it all comes back to emunas chochomim…even if you feel its all political or the money etc..REMEMBER that the gedolim are very much invoved so careful…

  6. I’m also with Smeel. Will the Agudah comment on the desecration of G-d’s name inherit in religious looking Jews joining with known heretics and shabbos breakers to violate AMerican law by conspiring to violate Nks civil rights through Operation Crackpot? No. What if I pay them. I’ll give them ten dollars. Will that be enough?

  7. The NK is not the enemy. In fact, they do the work the Agudah is supposed to do in battling Zionism. NK doesn’t attend that conference to support Holocaust denial but to contest it. They go to Iran only to say Zionism is not Judaism. Seems to me the Agudah creates the chillul Hashem with its inane pronouncements and its selling out to Zionism.

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