Hatzolah of Moscow opens!


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The Jewish community of Moscow has announced that they have “joined the ranks” and established “Hatzolah of Moscow”.

As is with all other Hatzolah’s, the organization was formed to reduce the delayed response time of the standard EMS in Moscow.

R’ Dovid Greenwald of Hatzolah Israel has personally visited Moscow for the launch of Moscow Hatzolah, bringing with him a team of instructors from Hatzolah and MADA.

The FJC News agency has reported that during the past week, thirty volunteers received courses in first aid and emergency response.

Moscow Hatzolah will be coordinated together with Moscow’s ambulance services and local hospitals.


  1. This is a very much needed service. I lived in Moscow for 13 years, and the equivalent of the official EMS there is a sad joke. There are quite a few trained medical doctors in the Moscow kehilla who are in business or do other types of work because of the low pay and oversupply of doctors in Russia; these people make perfect Hatzoloh volunteers.

  2. At last one Division of Hatzolah will never have a problem of finding a “Russian Translator”…….Any Russian translators on the air?…Moscow 15 to the base….lol…