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Eretz Yisroel gets Gishmey Brocha over Shabbos

The rains B”H returned in force to Eretz Yisroel over Shabbos. A downpour Shabbos afternoon dumped several millimeters of water on Netanya within a few minutes, and the already saturated sewers overflowed onto the streets. Other heavy flooding was reported in the Chaifa and Tel Aviv areas. Yerushalayim also saw heavy rain with more on the way. Sunday’s forecast calls for more rain throughout Eretz Yisroel. Further flooding is expected in low-lying areas.

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  1. To Berel,
    I agree, and said the same thing. see
    (Eretz Yisroel: Finally seing rain!
    December 26th, 2006).
    I hope you see this. YW deletes many of my comments.

  2. Nobody knows the way of Hashem.Maybe it rained because someone learned more Torah.Maybe because someone davened with more kavanah.Or maybe some other reason that we just don’t know.ONLY HASHEM KNOWS,AND WHO ARE WE TO PRETEND THAT WE ALSO KNOW???!!!

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