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Upstate New York: Tragic accident

A middle aged Frum couple from Flatbush was found in their wrecked car in the woods off the New York State Thruway near exit 30 late last night. (Exit 30 is approx 50 miles South of the Canadian border.) Unfortunately the husband was R”L killed and the wife is Boruch Hashem alive and talking in the hospital. Chesed Shel Emmes from Montreal are responding to the scene and should be there in 30 minutes (1:15PM Erev Shabbos).

The car was miraculously found by NYS Police officers “by chance”, down a steep embankment.

The couple were returning from a Chasunah in Montreal.

(Further details will be posted when they are available and confirmed.)

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  1. I heard their name is Langer. Can anyone confirm? The news is full of the item and I was told by a fellow mispallel in shul that 88 CBS News said the name.

    Please confirm.

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