Atrscroll Shas to be translated into Russian


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artscroll shas.jpgThe hundreds of guests and prominent Rabbonim,  led by Harav Matisyahu Solomon Shlita, who attended this year’s annual dinner on behalf of the Vaa’d L’ehatzolas Nidchei Yisroel, which took place last night in Ateres Chaya, were treated to a surprise and historic proclamation by Reb Mordechai Neustadt, the founding Chairman of the Vaad.

In a dramatic speech, he announced that the Va’ad has joined forces with ArtScroll/Mesorah to translate, publish and disseminate the Schottenstein Edition of the Talmud in the Russian language.

“In America,” he explained, “we see every day the impact that the English ArtScroll Shas is having, in Daf Yomi, other groups, and in the privacy of homes and offices. The same thing should and can happen to Russian-speaking Jews. Don’t we owe it to those trapped in a gulag of ignorance to give them the same opportunity we have? To make it possible for them to learn Shas?” declared Reb Mordecahi Neustadt.


  1. A very great Mitzvah.
    We all would benefit from this project.

    This organization did so much beautiful work for us and I see they are not finished yet, they are going on to help our communities more and more.

    Thank you for all of them.

  2. I was always wondering how you say ‘elucidated’ in Russian. But – do give credit where credit is due – may they be zocheh to many more languages!!


    Is there something surprising about that?

    An entire new team of russian speaking and russian writing Talmidei Chachomim will have to be hired. Someone has to pay them.

  4. This project is one of many things that R’ Nosson Neuberger of the Vaad Lihatzalas Nidchei Yisrael is working very hard for the yidden of the former USSR.

  5. Bad Idea.
    Russians are not Americans: they either learn and read the real Gemara, or have no interest at all.
    Only in US one can find am-haratzim learning Daf Yomi with Artscroll Shas for years.
    “Blue” edition would be very useful (notes on the bottom).

    There are only two groups who will benefit from this project:
    -Russian Nazis, who already presented the Russian translations to general public and had a very effective signature campaign to outlaw the racist and extremist religion.
    -Penniless Russian BTs, whom Vaad turned into avrechim en-mass, and now is trying to support. (Vaad is better then most. They do care about the folks they directed to the bottom of Israeli Frum Wellfare system and try to help them. OK, this is another discussion.)

  6. I Chas V’sholom do not mean any disrespect to Maran Shach ZT”L, but there were Gedolim such as Rav Yaakov Kamenetzky ZT”L who encouraged them to translate Shas. They had no intention of undertaking such a big task, and Rav Yaakov told them, “You will do it and see much Haztlocho from it”.

  7. I didn’t say everyone agrees that it is a bad thing. I just wanted to present another -significant- point of view. I for one see the harm artscroll does in yeshivos.

  8. I don’t understand you people. nobody is saying that you should do your learning with artscroll, but everybody who has commented here, who I’m sure learns Gimarah, at least the men that is, has used artscroll for a word or 2. it is better then the apikorsis of the old english Gimorahs.