Barak Obama showing his true colors?


barak obama.jpgAs Senators Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama compete for Jewish donors and voters, Mrs. Clinton is following a tried-and-true rule of hers from New York – support Israel to the last – while Mr. Obama is trying a more delicate strategy that hit some bumps this week.At a pro-Israel conference on Monday night, Mrs. Clinton told an audience of 1,000 that Israel deserved “every bit of our support” and that Iran “will not be permitted to have nuclear weapons.” There were no shades of gray about Israel, which has been her style since falling into trouble with Jewish voters in 1999 when she did not quickly denounce controversial remarks about Israel made by Suha Arafat, the wife of the Palestinian leader Yasir Arafat.

Mr. Obama, meanwhile, is making a personal overture to Jewish voters that threads together history from slavery to the Holocaust to Jim Crow. Yet he is also talking about the needs of the Palestinians. Less experienced than Mrs. Clinton in the thicket of Jewish and Middle Eastern politics, he became a bit tangled in the eyes of some voters during his appearance Monday at the same conference that Mrs. Clinton attended, a forum sponsored by the America Israel Public Affairs Committee, (known as AIPAC).

Several Jewish conferencegoers said they were concerned by Mr. Obama’s remark Sunday in Iowa where, in a reference to the Middle East, he said, “Nobody is suffering more than the Palestinian people.



  1. did anybody have a ‘haveh amineh’ that Obama, a muslim, has any liking to yiden?
    this HATERED to yiden AND to catholics is ‘ahrein gekritzed in zeir hartz’

  2. Actually it seems that way back he attended a muslim school as a child although he is denying it. Hillary is trying to find some garbage about it.I think he makes a good shidduch with that black muslim senator from Minnesota Yemach Shemo.Only in America can a guy with a middle name Hussein run for office after the debacle in Iraq!Whats with this place???

  3. our main goal is to get the machshaifa out of the way, if this guy beats hillary, he wont beat any republican, but if she – who would be the worst president EVER to yidden – gets the nod, she might beat a republican

  4. LATKE – let’s not forget his first name is Barak. His first name is the same as a former national leader, his middle name is the same as a former national leader, is it a shoo-in that his last name will also gain that status?

    Anyway, on both counts we can see why he (Obama) made that last comment.

  5. Detroiter
    I dont think this guy stands a chance in any case.
    Anyone can ‘run’ for office but can you see the average American vote for a Muslim as President? A women still has a better shot ….

    The entertainment industry normally supports the Democratic Party.

  6. Echoing Shazam, stick to facts. If you take him out with fiction, where are you when your own ignorance is exposed? I’m not impressed with him – seems to be all bumper sticker “wisdom,” but I can’t understand belittling anyone who has a chance to keep Hillary away from the White House. I need to get back to the ohl Torah before the ohl of the memshala is chal on me.

  7. obama never denied attending a mouselim school.
    he clearly admitted it.

    he claimed he was never a mouselamb though in religion, and was forced to attend because of family circumstances.
    still mooselem or not he was raised in this school at a very receptive age on complete falsehood and Jew hate.

    as far as his chances of success, you think it’s crazy that someone raised on mousselom ideas could become president of the worlds most powerful country who is at war right now with mouselambism? sure it’s crazy. but with Moshiach around the corner we have seen far more crazy and “impossible” things every day.

  8. It’s too early to tell his intent. Could be he’s more of a misguided humanitarian. The Palestinians are suffering.

    Of course the rest of the story is they bring most of it on themselves, and most of the rest is their lot because of the corrupt bureaucrats filtering off so much of the funding coming in.

    If he’s running for anything though, he should have done his homework and gotten the facts a long time ago. Problem is, most politicians are just as uninformed.

  9. I gotta agree with the person who said that hillary might not be telling the truth. as the article said hillary is MORE EXPERIENCED in getting jewish votes. obama is a freshman with very little experience in the lies required for polotics. i don’t know who the better candidate is, but i don’t think this is a legitimate factor.

  10. H’s support for Israel etc. seems to be politically motivated and would be dropped in an instant if there was some competing, contrary motivation. We do not say ‘meetoch shelo lishmaw baw lishmaw’ in the case of an akum, in particular one whose record for truthfulness and consistency is weak. (The olam hagolam have short memories.)

  11. You people from NY just run your mouth without any correct info. I’m not saying I support him yet, but one thing I could say, based on a personal friend who knows Obama, and based on living in Il., he is a huge mench!

  12. Himmelstein: As someone who lives in Illinois, I too thought “he wont beat any republican” — particularly outside of Chicago. Having seen that Illinoisans *did* vote for him and sent him to Washington as one of their two U.S. senators, I have concluded that there is no aversion in the heartland of America to vote for someone whose name is “Obama”. So, you cannot make assumptions. Don’t overestimate the clear headedness of Americans or underestimate him.

  13. Please be advised that the writer using the pen name IshYehudi is not the same person using Ish Yehudi. To the editor: Please determine which name was registerd first and have the second one changed. Two names using the same words with only a space as the difference sholud not be allowed.

  14. susshow Says:

    March 14th, 2007 at 9:43 pm
    You people from NY just run your mouth without any correct info.

    …and you people from Il alwys think carefully before you speak and have all the information needed to make intelligent, coherent statements – hence the statement of Obama “Nobody is suffering more than the Palestinian people.” is even more troublesome!

  15. Whether he is a mentch or not, you would have to be a real self-hating jew to vote for a muslim! There is not a living muslim that does not hate the jews. They are taught this hatred from the day they are born and it boils in their blood until the day they blow themselves up. Imagine our muslim president blowing himself up in the whitehouse! why? because he’s a mishigina muslim and has no value for human life! Voting for him would basically be signing our death warrants.

  16. I’m not saying that I’m voting for the man, but to say all of this type are bad.. is nonsense.

    I personally know an arab who faught in the Israeli army!
    I have some arab clients. i am still alive to talk about it.