Rav Yosef Zvi Dunner ZATZAL


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candle.gifdunner.jpgRav Yosef Zvi Dunner ZATZAL, Rosh Av Beis Din of Kedassia was Niftar on Erev Pesach in Stamford Hill, London. He was 94 years old. The Levaya left at 11:00AM from Stamford Hill. Boruch Dayan Emmes….


  1. Rabbi Duenner zatzal was my beloved teacher in the Beth Jaakow Seminary in year 1959-1960

    I will be forever thankfull for his Shiurim for his caring for his example.
    He tought us Tefilloh
    He used to say LEOILOM YEHE ODOM KOIDEM sei a Mensch……i repeated it often in His name.
    May he be a Melitz Yoischer to his family and Klall Yisroel