VIDEO: Hundreds Of Monsey Residents Protest Outside O&R Headquarters Demanding Their Power Be Restored



Spring Valley – Residents still without power rallied outside of Orange & Rockland’s headquarters in Rockland County today.

According to power company officials, more than 20,000 households in both counties do not have electricity. With below-freezing temperatures hitting the region, residents and community leaders say they are livid.

“Every time we call, they tell us a different time, and it keeps getting later and later,” says Jim Johnson, of Pearl River.

Former Rockland Assemblyman Ryan Karben is still in the dark, and says he started a Facebook page called, “Fed Up and Freezing in Rockland.”

A company spokesman says he sympathizes with customers, and that double the normal number of crews are in the streets repairing the outages.

Click HERE to watch this video from a mobile device.

(Source: News12)


  1. This demonstration is a bit of a joke and the clowns screaming outside the O&R office for “power now” are likely to be the same erliche yidden who will scream gevalt if O&R seeks New York PSC approval for higher rates to pay for more line crews, tree clearing and improved telemetry and computerized information systems. This was a freak storm that took down entire multiple feeder lines. New poles have to be erected and lines replaced. However, they must wait until the local road crews clear downed trees. They have brought in line crews from utilities in the midwest and deep south. If you cannot survive without power for a few days, then install your own backup generator for a few thousand dollars and keep standby food and emergency supplies at home and stop whining.

  2. Gadolhadorah – mechilas kevoidcha – but I think ur very wrong. They are complaining about the bad information. They are not rioting, just protesting – what’s wrong with that? They all have little children and its cold. They should be able to turn the lights back on within 5 days

  3. Which “ehrliche yidden” in the video were you referring to? The black women from spring valley? or the Italian women or all the other community people. You really should be more careful with your comments, it highlights your stupidity.

    However, I am sure that even your understanding of erlich, in no way extends to you.

  4. ye protesters i’m sure the electric company gets their kicks off watching rockland residents suffer without power if they want they can have everyone back up in 5 minutes, they just have this evil streak

  5. Reply to No.3 (Nishtdayngesheft)

    I went back and watched the video again. That “Black Italian woman” with the megaphone leading the demonstration is wearing a yarmulke, black suit and white shirt with a beard and looking very yeshivish. There are at least 4 or 5 other clearly yeshivish looking guys and at least one woman wearing a sheitel and baby carriage in the video and I’m sure there are many others. These are the erhliche yidden I was referring to. Just to be clear, they are entilted to demonstrate and indeed its nice to see some frum yidden protesting somthing relevant but they are misguided. O&R would love to invest tens of millions of dollars in putting lines underground and buying new equipment since they earn a profit or return on their rate base (which is capital investment). The real villians here on regulators who consistently deny state utilities the opportunity to recover such costs in customer rates.

  6. WHATS WITH YOU PEOPLE??? People are freezing in the cold, children don’t have heat, businesses are closed etc. How can you put these people down for protesting? If for every day customers are off power they would get 2 free days, do you think it would take this long to get the electricity back up? Do you really think the power company can’t do more to get things moving? Its not easy -if at all possible- to change to another company so the power company isn’t too scared. I WONDER WHAT YOU’D BE SAYING IF YOU WERE THE ONES WITHOUT POWER!