YWN EXCLUSIVE: Michael Savage Slams Orthodox Jewish Rabbis For Attending Obama Chanukah Party; Dares Audience To Report Him To ADL For His Comments


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Michael Savage, a conservative talk radio host, had some harsh words for the orthodox Jewish Rabbis that attended the annual Chanukah party at the White House last week together with President Obama.

On his show this past Friday (December 9th), that is syndicated across the U.S. in over 400 markets and heard by 8-10 million listeners a week, Mr. Savage wanted to know what deal these Rabbis received for attending the party with Obama and, “which sect of hasidim went there as quislings, to sell Israel down the river,” singling out Satmar and Lubavitch as the possible culprits.

He started off criticizing the President for celebrating Chanukah two weeks early, saying Obama would never disrespect a Muslim holiday like that. But what really got him going was an off the cuff joke that Obama made at the celebration. Obama joked that he would give a kiss and a hug to everyone in attendance except for the Rabbis with the whiskers.

“Why wouldn’t he ever say that to the guys with whiskers who practice Islam? Anyone have an answer to that? Anything with Muslims and Islam there like grim faced in the White House, they follow it to a tea, like they walk on glass.” He continued, “But with Jews it’s two weeks early, we’ll light all the candles (and) we’ll joke about you guys with beards. Alright come on up, let’s break some Matzoh together. But sir it’s not Passover? Never mind, come on have some Manischewitz, we like a good party over here ha ha ha.”

That’s when he turned his anger away from Obama and redirected it towards the Rabbis that attended.

“What do the Rabbis get for this, the guys with the whiskers, what deal did they get for going there? I don’t get this because most orthodox Jews are pretty conservative. Don’t they understand that Obama is the most anti-Israel President in history? So who are these quisling Rabbis who were there with the black coats? Which sect of Hasidim was there? Is there a Hasidic Jew listening? Which sect of Hasidim went there as quislings to sell Israel down the river? Anyone know? I don’t know who the guys with the whiskers were. Was it the Satmar’s, was it the Lubavitch, was it another group I never heard of?”

Apparently, Mr. Savage didn’t realize that orthodox Jews don’t listen to the radio or make phone calls on Shabbos, which starts at sunset on Friday. Thus, no one called in to respond to these comments that he made during the first hour of his Friday show, which airs from 6-9pm eastern time.

Finally, Savage dared his audience to report him to the ADL for his remarks.

“Go ahead, call up the ADL and see if I care, a lot of good they’ve ever done for me. They’re not there when you need them, and they’re there when you don’t need them. That’s all.”

This is not the first anti-semitic rant by Michael Savage.

In May of this year, Savage called Rabbi’s “idiots” who told their students not to rejoice over the death of Osama Bin Laden. Click HERE for that YWN article.

AUDIO LINK  (RANT STARTS AT 22:15 – 25:30): Click HERE to listen from a mobile device.

(Yechezkel Gordon – YWN)


  1. Thank you Savage for pointing out that no Frum Rabbi should have been at this party. I’m also not understanding why the Jewish people are not in an uproar about Obama’s ‘off color joke’. He is a huge anti semite, I can not believe that any Orthodox Rabbi went!!
    Thank you Michael Savage again for your comments!!

  2. Um pardon me, but mr savage is not anti semetic, in fact he has had many friday night meals with families and even praises the girls who dress tznius. Michael has only defended Israel on many ocasions and is well known to blast anyone who sides with Obama. Mr savages RANT is nothing short of anti semetic only if your sitting on the left side of the fence. While I don’t condone what he said I somewhat agree however I am all in favor for keeping good and proper relations no matter who is in the whitehouse. There is a matter of principal but also respect that has to be conducted. Mr savage is still a great talk show host and would never lose me as a listener except for on shabbos.

  3. As a LONG time listener of Savage Nation _ Michael Savages’ radio show, i can vouch for him that he is no anti-semite. I am baffled that ywn considered this an ” anti-semetic rant”. He is one of the most pro Israel and pro Jewish talk show hosts, along with Lou Dobbs, and John Gambling, and nothing in Fridays show seemed anti-semetic. Everything he said was just SO true. What were those Rabbis thinking going to this party? And how on earth did Obama think that off colored joke was appropriate by any standards. If they joke had been at the expense of any Muslims, let alone any other religion, you can bet it would be the front page story of any and every major news station and news paper. Maybe not Fox..but you catch my drift.

  4. I hate to say it but he’s right. I can name a few of the Rabbis in attendance & I think they are reprehensible for attending, knowing Obama’s hatred for Israel & his adoration for Arabs & all things Muslim. They are turncoats…amongst other things.

  5. What did he say that’s antisemitic? He’s 100% correct. Why did anyone attend that party? We can only be dan lkaf zchus that the people who went hoped to get a pardon for Jonathon Pollard and Shalom Rubashkin. If there was any other reason then the only antisemites were the ones who went and gave support to the antisemitic president.

  6. As a whisker-bearing Rabbi myself, I totally agree with Mr Savage! The only offensive comment was Obama’s whisker flub. Shame on any “rabbis” who attended. And if Friedlander was there, he has already established himself a sellout with the whole Weprin debacle earlier this year.

  7. Michael Savage is a confused lunatic.
    Ever hear him rant about George Soros?
    Not that Soros doesn’t deserve it, but that Michael Savage’s rant is clearly anti-semitic. He repeatedly sneers at sorose’s real name (Schwartz?) as though that explains his evil behavior. (Savages own real name is weiner). I’ve heard him claim that america attacked Iraq as a proxy for Israel!
    Not an anti-semite? It depends on the day and the varying mood of this raving maniac.

  8. Just wondering.
    If i’m not mistaken Mr. Savage broadcasts out of San Francisco. This would mean that part of his broadcast was on Shabbos. If so it “might be” that there is a halachic problem with listening to that part.
    Ques: Was the rant broadcast when it was Shabbos (in San Fran)?

  9. Micahel Savage did not say anything anti-semitic. In fact it is ridiculous to celebrate Chanuka in the White House with a non Jewish president especially when it’s not even Chanuka yet. What’s the whole point? Isn’t there supposed to be a separation of church and state?

  10. Is calling reality the way it is, then or on tonight’s show, now considered anti-semitic? The only answer to the Rabbis meeting the President is that there needs to be diplomatic efforts to have dialogue with the President as to keep our interests in front of him. Regarding tonight’s episode he is 100% right about the issue in our community. Problem number one I had, is him bringing up the issue to his viewership, it doesn’t solve anything and just puts all Jews in a negative light. Problem number two I had, is his lack of willingness to understand the chasiddish caller who stated that when you have second hand information you go to Daas Torah but other wise you go to the Police (A G-d fearing Jew always wants to know what is Daas “the opinion” of Torah). If I were in Agudah I would try to reach out to Savage to present it’s position because not only are there many jews that listen but millions of non-jews as well that should not be hearing misinformation.

  11. Being sociable with both parties is NORMAL in American history. This guy just doesn’t get it. In the past politicians were usually friends even when they disagreed (e.g. John Kennedy and Barry Goldwater).

  12. I’d like to discuss M. Weiner’s comment that Newt should drop out of the race for Pres.:

    He’s becoming Senile – that why he’s scared of having a real conservative win and also why he rants about stupid Chanukah parties! When you’re not Frum old age creeps up fast!

  13. Now YWN is sounding like Dov Hikin who tries to put anything and everything as anti-semitic. There is NOTHING anti-semitic about his rant. If you think there is, you have to GROW UP.

    As for Savage questioning the early party, Bush use to do it early also. Something to do with security. He is 100% correct in noting that no Muslim Holiday would be celebrated 2 weeks early.

  14. how could he be anti-Semitic? he is Jewish himself(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Savage ) … plus … he is 100% correct … it is not often for an unobservant Jew to be right on about Obama, Jews, and Israel in general … this guy knows his orthodox background … he knows that even orthodox rabbis who kiss up to the enemy are big trouble … it is truly refreshing that Mr. Savage has taken upon scolding these rabbis to be more loyal to their own people … a refreshing reminder of who we should be … and who Mr. Savage really is …

  15. “This is not the first anti-semitic rant by Michael Savage.

    In May of this year, Savage called Rabbi’s “idiots” who told their students not to rejoice over the death of Osama Bin Laden.”

    Is this anti-semitic??? These “rabbis” are lunatics who distort the Torah for their ultra-liberal values.

    As for the rest, I don’t agree with all his claims, but it is not anti-semitic.

  16. Savage is a genius and near prophetic due to his brains.

    Someone should be mekarev him. He is ripe for the picking.

    Anyone who listens to his show regularly knows he leans very much to the ideas in written Torah, but he is doing it on his own.

  17. I care not to defend Mr. Savage but I must say I don’t see that what he said is anti-semitic. He may or may not be right, but he certainly wasn’t saying anything anti-semitic. NOT EVERY TIME SOMEONE BASHES OR CRITICIZES A JEW OR JEWS DOES IT MEAN THEY ARE ANTI-SEMITES. If I steal someone’s parking spot and he curses me out, would you say he’s an anti-semite? Savage didn’t agree with the Rabbis going there BECAUSE HE SUPPORTS JEWS AND ISRAEL, NOT THE CONTRARY! Agav, I can explain to him why Jesw went and why they have to go to maintain whatever relationship for whatever it’s worth, but I hear his point. It’s not good for the Jews if we are always crying anti-semitism.

  18. Dear Yeshiva World
    how is it “anti semitic” to berate “rabbis” for going to and enduring what Dr. savage clearly illustrates is a disrespect for Judaism? It seems quite the opposite, in fact. Savage is being “pro semitic” by illustrating the disrespect that this ceremony shows for Orthodox Jews (e.g. whisker comment, 2 weeks early). It is much easier to bury our heads in the sand, make believe that everything is good, and “shoot the messenger,” AKA Savage, but he in fact is just pointing out some troubling realities.

  19. To comment #1, the Maccabeats were not there this year. I was curious to know who performed, as I couldnt’ believe any Jewish group would willingly agree. I was right. The performers were the Jewish cadets from West Point. They had to follow orders. No one mentioned the other insensitive comment Obama made. He said that “we don’t need an excuse to have a good party.” How more disrepectful of Judaism can one get? Chanukah is just a diversion in Obama’s eyes, to have some good food and hobnob with his admirers. Mr. Obama, I have some news for you. You are the biggest excuse of a president America has ever seen. FYI, the message of Chanukah is not to party, but to thank Hashem for the miracles he performed for our forefathers and the continuiing miracles he performs for us in our times. Shame on you!

  20. According to an article by Jonathan Sarna, a professor of history at Brandeis University, published on line by The Forward on December 2, 2009, the first president to hold a Chanukah party in the White House was George W. Bush. Mr. Obama continued the practice, perhaps for the same reason he continued Mr. Bush’s wars – he was stuck with them and could not put an end to the bad ideas.

    I personally hate all political pandering to Jews, and I object to the pandering to all other religious groups, but a Chanukah or Christmas or Ramadan or Hindu party is not all that problematic, and to the extent that it reminds US citizens that we are a mixed bag of nations – goyim in the classical Hebrew – it is a worthwhile exercise.

    As for the talk show host who changed his name from Weiner to the more fitting Savage, I did not hear the rant reported above, but I have heard enough of him to know that he is no friend of the frum, and not particularly well connected with facts or logic. I am particularly puzzled that he has so many frum admirers, as similar comments about the frum, and a similar change of name, by a liberal commentator would likely result in accusations of Jewish self-hatred.

  21. Why is this anti Semitic? He’s voicing what a lot of pple think….. Obama knows how to disgrace anything sacred to Jews. And the White House of course!