VIDEO: NK’s Hirsch Applauds Sheikh Raed Salah’s Victory in England; Says Zionists Are ‘Not Jews’; Screams ‘Allah Akbar’



On April 18, 2012, Yisrael Hirsch, a leader of the extremist faction of Neturei Karta spoke at a function to honor Sheikh Raed Salah, the head of the northern branch of the Israel Islamic Association and an outspoken enemy of Israel, one who has been imprisoned in the past for his pro-Hamas activities.

Hirsch praised the sheikh and congratulated him on his victory in a British court.

“This is a great victory for us Jews and for the entire Palestinian people as well as for justice, integrity and freedom, for which he is fighting”.

Hirsch continues to praise the sheikh for his tenacious struggle to liberate Jerusalem, referring to it as “al-Quds”, adding “to liberate it from the impure hands of the damned Zionists”.

At 3.20 into the video, Hirsch says he prays to Allah every day. that “we continuously pray every day for Allah to remove the Zionist regime from the entire land of Palestine”…..

He continues with his standard pathetic rhetoric, giving support and encouragement to the sworn enemies of the Jewish People.

He ends off his speech with a sickening cry of “Allah Akbar” three times, with the crowd screaming in response.

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(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Granted, the guy is a bit weird, like in, I think he accidentally hit himself on the head with a hammer.

    But your ridiculizing of the term “All-h” is totally misplaced. It is simply the Arabic translation of “G-d”. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Any Arabic-speaking Jew might use that name as well, just as an English-speaking (granted, non-frum) Jew might say “G-d”.

    This guy is indeed ridiculizing himself, but not because he uses an Arabic term – rather, because of his actions.

  2. Question for future commentators:
    Do you disagree with his beliefs (generally speaking) or just the extreme methods and wording he uses to spread his message?

  3. I never knew that Yisroel Hirsch’s (yimach shemo veyovad zichro) native language is IVRIT!! Wow, he speaks such a beautiful Ivrit. For a guy who is so violently anti-Zionist you would think his native language would be Yiddish or English or even Arabic. but IVRIT? That is kinda shocking.

  4. Reply to #3

    Disagree with his beliefs! Please understand that many of the Agudah Rabbonim were vehemently opposed to Zionism because they saw that people took off their yarmulkas and gave up shabbos to be Zionists. It was a practical opposition, not a theological one. They did not and do not subscribe to the view that Jews should not have a state before the coming of the Moshiach. That was only a Satmar/Mumkatsh perspective.

    That being said, today it is clearly possible to maintain all shmiras hamitzvos and have yiras shamayim and be a religious zionist.

  5. This guy is bonkers. His rhetoric is, as per Rav Amnon Yiztchak, dangerous to the rest of us. Why do you insist on giving him and his misguided, radical cronies the time of day? Stop giving them publicity and they’ll (I hope) go away.
    I believe they were put in cherem by the rabbanim. Perhaps you should respect that cherem and stop nauseating us with their rantings and ravings.

  6. this is disgusting on the highest level.

    these people are condoning murder of their own people, by praising these people, not that they care in the least….

  7. Zionism is akin to Communism in the sense that the overall ideology serves as a cover for the equally important if not more important promotion of atheism within its framework. Religious Zionism was tolerated by the founders to be used as a Trojan horse to garner support for the cause throughout Jewry.

  8. “bonkers” and ‘weird” are not the appropriate words.Evil and murderous are more like it. He is as much a “rodef’ as anyone who is complicit with the murderous Palestinian terrorists. And, as one poster comments, his Hebrew is perfect. How dare he use the language of “impure Zionists” ?

  9. Do you think his yishmaeli buddies know that every day when he davens andd bentshes he says phrases like “(HaSh-m) return to your city Yerushalayim, and dwell in it, and rebuild it… rebuild the Beit HaMidash and restore our sacrifices as in the earlier times…”

    Somehow I don’t think he’s mentioned that to them…

  10. Nobody understands this man but I have an insight. He is celebrating Israeli independence day a day early. This is his happiness; so it is his way to celebrate. Crazy but it is true. They only 2 people who celebrate Israeli independence today is Mizrachi and Neutra Karta. The rest get on with their lives. I also agree anybody charedi in a public place must stand out of respect. I also when driving in Eretz Yisrael always stop for soldier. It is to give them respect they do to receive no matter what I think of the medina

  11. the truth is that he is actually an impressive talmid chacham. He is just following his father’s derech with taking this too far, but he’s not quite as extreme as his father was. He sits and learns, and he is the mechaber of Siddur Vilna and Machzor Vilna, considered to be THE authoritative nusach ashkenaz siddur with the most comprehensive research.

    It’s just a shame he went a bit far. Also by the way, his children all have sterling middos, so they must be doing something right.

  12. Yungerman (17)-

    Is Allah Akbar in the nusach of Siddur Vilnar or Machzor Vilna ?

    Give me a Mareh Makom so I can find the page !

  13. @MichaelB WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? The rabbonim agree with having a state before Mashiach? Where in the world did you get that from? It was a practical argument not theological? Where in the world do you get your info from? As for this man, he seems to have taken a view and started worshiping it instead of the Torah. Instead of it being a way of serving Hashem it grew into a life of its own.

  14. #13, how do you know he includes that in his prayers? Maybe he prays 5 times a day – 3 times with the jews and the other 2 times with the palestinians…..

  15. Yungerman,
    Why is his torah knowledge and his children’s middos relevant?? He is a rodeph since he (and his group) befriend and advocate on behalf of goyim that have murdered and would love nothing more than to murder many many jews r”l. By so doing, he gives these animals legitimacy since they can now claim that they are not anti-semitic, just anti-zionist. Also, by espousing their beliefs, he makes it appear that even the jews are sure of the legitimacy of their right to Eretz Yisroel. So again I ask, who cares if his kids have good middos???

  16. WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? The rabbonim agree with having a state before Mashiach? Where in the world did you get that from?

    It was only the Chassidish kehillas, particularly Satmar and Munkatch…that feel it is assur to have a sovereign country before Mashiach. Litvisha Rabbanim did not have that opinion.

  17. I also find it interesting that he is using the modern Israeli Hebrew, as Besalel and RabbiofBerlin remark.

    I assume that despite NK’s distaste for it and theological opposition to speaking Hebrew for secular purposes, they acknowledge the reality that it’s the dominant language of the country to spread their screwed-up message in, it’s even useful as a common language between them and Raed Salah and his ilk.

    But he has a more or less regular Israeli accent, not even a Yiddish accent in Hebrew, which I also find surprising. Who knew he was so immersed in Israeli day-to-day Israeli culture?