VIDEO: Daf Yomi in Quarantine; All Daf providing the ability to connect to the Daf in any setting


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Are you one of the 33k who’ve downloaded the All Daf App? Are you one of the thousands who browse for the Daf Yomi Shiurim and all the supplemental material available?

Here’s an opportunity to meet some of our Maggidei Shiur up close. Rabbi Moshe Schwed sat down and asked them to share how they got into Daf Yomi, suggestions for the challenges of the first-timer, how a Daf Yomi learner could spend his Shavuos, and much more. Tune in to this 3 part series at your convenience and be inspired by world-class teachers who are eager to connect with each and every one of their virtual Talmidim.

Part 1: Hear how each Maggid Shiur got into Daf Yomi, how and when they prepare for the Shiur and how Covid-19 has effected their schedules.

Part 2: What’s the proper balance between online Daf learning vis-a-vis a live Shiur or Chavrusa? Any suggestions for the first-timer who is getting overwhelmed especially with Eiruvin coming up?

Part 3:How a Daf learner could spend his Shavuos, and a closing message.