WATCH: IDF Soldiers Blow Up Hamas Terror Tunnel



  1. Is blowing up tunnels after terrorists have been warned to leave, endangering the lives of Israeli soldiers something to be proud of? 18 soldiers have already been killed because of this folly.

    The famous Chazal is very fitting for the Zionist government especially for the current situation:
    “כל המרחם על אכזרים סופו להתאכזר אל רחמנים”

  2. Arye: Folly? Those tunnels allow terrorists to come into Israel and attack us. They also provide freedom of movement for terrorists with rockets. The “folly” as you call them are what is the biggest threat to Jews.

    If you had to practically live in bomb shelters, as does the people living in Sderot, Ashdod, Ashkelon, and more, you wouldn’t think these efforts are folly.

    While it hurts all of us to lose a single soldier, what is being done is necessary. We just need to be tougher and not let the U.S. and others, who don’t care about Jewish lives, dictate how far we can go. The IDF places soldiers at greater risk because of them, to try to minimize supposedly innocent civilians casualties, something the U.S. proved it doesn’t care about when they are fighting. The U.S. killed 10,000 civilians in Iraq alone.