BREAKING UPDATE: IDF Denies Hamas Claim To Have Kidnapped A Soldier


ywbn1The Times of Israel is reporting that the IDF  categorically denies Hamas claim to have kidnapped a soldier. Haaretz quotes IDF sources which said that the Hamas claim sounded dubious and the chances that Hamas was holding an IDF soldier were slim.

Ma’an News agency based in Gaza is quoting the Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of the Hamas movement, which is claiming to have captured an IDF soldier during the fighting in Gaza. Abu Ubaida, a spokesman for the Brigades said in a speech tonight that the “resistance captured a soldier named Shaul Aaron during the battles with Israeli soldiers”.

Following this report there was singing and dancing in the streets of Gaza, with the usual celebratory gunfire heard.

This report has been tweeted by multiple major news reporter, as well as numerous news agencies around the globe.

(Chaim Shapiro – YWN)


  1. Rachmana Litzlan!
    When we captured one of their wounded terrorists we administered first aid and took him to a hospital they, in turn, celebrate in the streets!
    They’re sub-human!

  2. This is exactly the reason why I was upset, and still upset, that certain Organizations (foon Unzera) immediately went on apology tours after the killing of that Arab kid by a mental nut case. What was the point? We are at war! The filthy Arab dogs try 24/7 to kill and maim as many Jews as possible R”L! What was the point of all the bending over backwards? Where are those same Orgs now??????? Where???? Collecting their Government checks? What a disgrace! Shame on all of them!

  3. I really wish that Jewish sites wouldn’t post these types of things until they have been confirmed or denied by the army. It causes a tremendous amount of anguish to the country and those who have sons serving in Gaza. This is psychological warfare on the part of Hamas. I heard that the soldier they claim they kidnapped is one of the Golani soldiers killed today (HY”D). I pray that is true.

  4. The Izzy’s are claiming this is the name of one of the soldiers niftar last night. Arabs yemach sh’mom claiming to have a picture but the pic seems suspect.

  5. They are scared. Therefore, Hamas is claiming they have kidnapped a soldier so the IDF will surrender.
    It’s basically Psychological Warfare.

  6. The family and supporters of Shalit engaged in a disgraceful form of political extortion to secure his release with a price of a thousand terrorists released. Many of these same terrorists are now fighting with Hamas and may have been responsible for the deaths of the 13 kedoshim from the Golani Brigade who were niftar yesterday. No more such exchanges.

  7. I can’t seem to find any confirmation of this report on the Times of Israel or the Haaratz website. No other news source has mentioned this possibility. Can someone at YWN provide a reliable and verifiable source?

  8. I read on jpost the embassdor to israel from the UN says it is Hamas putting onna psychological war. When you hear news like this i suggest you check with IDF twitter (you dint need to have an account just google it). They give you the real live updates

  9. #6 yes, these organizations are conspicuous in their silence. What are they doing practically to help us now? Don’t think too hard, you still won’t come up with any answers.