LISTEN: Chasidic Caller Tells Talk-Radio Host Michael Savage To Eat Chulent!



  1. Michael Savage is a real SHMO! He’s not only an embarasment to the Jewish religion, he’s an embarrasment to mankind! I will not listen to him.

  2. Savage’s attack on Bris Milah & Mitzitza Bipeh, last year, was slanderous libelous terrible and uncalled for. “Old Rabbi with rusty knife hovering over the baby” and other such outrageous “claims”. He has never apologized for them.

  3. Now that’s just stupid. What a way to treat a listener of fifteen years! The gentleman who called you was in no way imposing his religious practices on you. He’s praising a delicious food that we voluntarily enjoy on Shabbos. It’s not required by halacha to consume cholent. How dare you compare a suggestion to try a delicious cultural food to radical Islamism. If you ever taste cholent, I hope it has a lot of partially cooked beans in it. (Fellow frum Yidden, we all know what would happen next, right?) But since you’re clearly so full of hot air, I doubt anyone would notice the difference!

  4. Aka pooka,
    Its very important to point out the differences between our values and western values especially to people like you.
    I’m sorry if it means wet have to bash your heroes by doing so. Maybe its a hint that you should search for other heroes.