VIDEO: Obama Condemns ‘Terrible’ Attack In Israel


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  1. “We know that two attackers attacked…in a synagogue”.
    He can’t admit that they were Palestinians! Even after this horrific attack he’s still trying to hide their aggressive behaviors.

  2. Did I hear him say that to many Palestinians have been killed. How many exactly mr. President. Oh the two today that were killing Jews or the ones that slammed cars into innocent people. I guess that’s to many. KILL THEM ALL IT WONT BE TO MANY.

  3. This stupid Kenyan shouldn’t be quoted anymore. He garners no respect in his own Country with the lowest approval numbers ever, so why should any other Country acknowledge his unintelligible drivel?

  4. Which Palestinians were killed the terrorists who killed the baby? The ones who murdered rabbis? Oh what a shame maybe we should offered condolences to their families.HOW CAN YOU COMPARE THE ISRAELIS WHO DIED AND THE PALESTIANS WHO DIED SHAME ON YOU! And we can tell all the Palestinians want is peace maybe they think their animalistic actions wound bring peace. Don’t lie that they are a minority who promote terror sadly you are wrong they’re a big majority with you included in it too.

  5. An anadine, weak, response that justifies terrorism. If even the POTUS can unashamedly draw moral equivalences between yesterday’s massacre and Israel’s defence then this administration has clearly shown the lack of regard it has for Israel and spat in the face of the 4 kedoshim.

    I hope there is a severe backlash against this statement.

  6. Besides the moral equivalency issue, note that this was a response to a question by a reporter – i.e., Obama did not think it necessary to make a statement on his own.

  7. There’s an deep weighed atmosphere from ‘the top’, more earnest, sorrowful,different in quality and with more resolve than other terror attacks

    Gov’t and police have a deep sense that these niftarim were our people’s creme de la creme.

    More than even
    “Massacres that occur in houses of prayer while wearing Tallis & tefillin & davening and in yeshivos are considered the lowest of the low.”

  8. To #1:
    According to the Pew ’14 Global Attitudes Survey …
    Confidence in Obama re: World Affairs …

    More than 70% Positive in UK, France, Germany, S. Korea, S. Africa.

    Less than 20% in Pakistan, Egypt, “The Palest. Ter.”, Russia

    ISRAEL: 2014 71% (Just 56% in 2009)