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WATCH: First Night Selichos 5775 At Congregation Aish Kodesh In Woodmere

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  1. Definitely a lot of Achdus but just wanted to get other people’ thoughts here. To me it looked more like simchas Torah. Each “moed” or special times that we have that quality time with Hashem has its own unique tafkid/purpose.
    Although a Jew always has to be “besimcha”/Achdus , including tisha beav when we are “memait”/ minimize our simcha, the focus of the slichos should be to ask Hashem for forgiveness by really herring deep into hearts and reflect. It seems that some of the Shuls are losing this focus and taking the easy way out. It’s much easier to sing/ dance etc than to really delve into the slichos, understand its meaning and express ourselves to Hashem. We need to recall the real “ME” and our potential. Are we really doing the best we can?What are your thoughts?

  2. I’m sorry but Selichos is not meant for dancing and singing. If one would understand the meaning of the selichos, they would realize that it’s a serious Tefilla. People don’t know Peirish Hamilos. I’m not blaming anyone c”v for acting like this, but this sends the wrong message about what selichos is meant to be.

  3. Nebach. A few days before Rosh Hashana, and such criticism of hundreds of yidden. Here are some interesting facts about that Selichos. The Mara Diasra spoke really powerful words of chizzuk and mussar for an hour. This was followed by extremely heartfelt, awe-inspiring, emotional,and intense Selichos for over an hour. This video was taken after Selichos was over. I encourage any of you to come experience Selichos there, and I guarantee you, you will be so inspired and uplifted, you will come back for many years to come. Kesiva Vachasima Tova.

  4. Calm down everyone. This was after an hour talk from Rabbi Weinberger about Selicos, and an hour of sincere Selicos. After 2 hours of seriousness, there is nothing wrong with a few minutes of joyful Achdus. I was there and it was incredible. All the negative commentors, come one time to Aish Kodesh, any Shabbos, Yom Tov, or even any day of the week, and you will understand. By the way, it’s one of the few shuls in the world that there is never any talking. However, there is a lot of Acdus, and joyful singing to G-d!

  5. Those of us who recall old ehliche yidden whose faces were white on Rosh Hashana and who wouldn’t talk for two whole days ‘chap a tzitter’

  6. In Koheles it says “there’s a time and place for everything”

    And this assuredly is the Wrong one!

    Oy,‘Elul’ where have you gone ?

  7. Not going to opine on all that selichos dancing although it seems fruity to me but its mamash a bizayon that people whip out their cell phones during a tefillah to capture a video as if they were at a concert. A total boosha.

  8. Posting comment from my friend Shmuel B:

    Please note Halachik Man by Rav Soloveitchik p. 60. There it is written that Rav Moshe Soloveitchik zt”zl criticized a chabad chassid for crying during tekias shofar. And you’re criticizing chassidim for being confident in and happy about receiving God’s forgiveness by Selichos. It seems that the bottom line is that Misnagdim are uncomfortable with displays of emotion.

    Interesting demonstration of an utter lack of understanding of not only the history and theology of the chassidic movement and how it saved the Jewish people from destruction and assimilation, but thank you for the explaining by demonstration why so many of our youth are leaving the fold by showing a complete lack of sensitivity to the needs of our generation. You might seek a cold Judaism void of any warmth and feeling for yourself. But besides being not what God wants, as the holy Baal Shem Tov taught us, I hope you don’t try to educate your kids like that. They’ll find the excitement elsewhere…

  9. We do need to speak to the new generation. And make them inspired. But that doesn’t mean turning selichos into something it is not supposed to be. Forgive those of us who missed the drosha. But this looks like a party with a bit more focus on simcha than on yira which is how we are supposed to approach selichos. Why do people who have memories of former times when our approach to tefila was in different realm, and yearn for it again, get jumped on for being out of touch, misnagidim and stuck in the freezer? A kesiva v’chasima tova to everyone. May we all be zoche to find the right environment to be mamlich Hashem in the greatest way on rosh hashona. And appreciate shivim panim letorah. But also not to forget there is a way that klal yisrael does things and some things shouldn’t change.

  10. A friend related to me that his grandfather, an navoradokor who used to live in Boro Park, annually would not talk sichas chullin all the way from rosh chodesh Elul until
    after yom kippur

    “We do need to speak to the new generation .And make them inspired.”

    Probably if “the new generation” would experience such atmospheres,these new vogues would feel as tasteless and lacking gravitas to them as it does to us

  11. #12 dixieyid,
    There is just more than a slight difference between
    “crying during shofar” ,and these selichos’ that “looks like a party with a bit more focus on simcha than on yira”

    Could we all agree?

  12. #11 #12

    His son wrote about the lack of mimetic.

    He himself mourned ‘the courtroom atmosphere ‘ that was missing already then

    ‘Happily dancing upon the grave’?

  13. It is Time for Truth,

    As we approach the Yom Hadin, I sincerely hope that you and your family are blessed with a wonderful, happy and healthy year.

    I would like to make a few corrections to your assumptions.

    As I stated earlier, this singing and dancing was AFTER Selichos. During Selichos there was such an outpouring of emotional Teffilos. All around me, from young to old, people were crying; Davening with all their kochos and heart.

    At the Selichos, I met two well known Stoliner Chassidim who flew in from Eretz Yisroel, some Satmer Chassidim, Rabbeim from various local Yeshivos, Bais Medrash Bachurim from various well known top Yeshivos from the Five Towns and Queens, as well as local Askanim. To say that this was tasteless, a party etc. is quite harsh, shameful and wrongfully judgmental.

    Kesiva Vachasima Tova.

  14. #18

    So in essence we’re all in agreement

    We the need to recreate the palpable emotion of the Yom Hadin

    Kesiva Vachasima Tova

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