WATCH: Dozens Protest Against Kaporos At Midnight Without Permit In Boro Park On Sunday Night



  1. EVERY KAPPAROS CENTER NEEDS TO BE PREPARED. RESPONSES (in Posters) need to be prepared – VERY Simple. “GO PROTEST IN FRONT OF BURGER KING and McDonalds – These Chickens are Going to Feed the Poor!” Nuff Said, no?

  2. The Ramabam, in Moreh Nevuchim, writes, that the M’kor for the Mitzvah of Korbonus is, because, in those times, it was the world’s meathod of worshipping their respective gods, so it was easy to encourage the Yidden to do likewise.
    Now we know why, when the Yidden left E”Y during the 2nd Churban, to a world that stopped doing sacrifices, they also discontinued that practice, even on Bomos.
    Accordingly, when Moshiach comes, we will only have Korbonos if the contemporary Nations will worship their Gods via Animal Sacrifices.

  3. I wonder if they think fetuses about to be aborted have feelings too? Or is it just the chickens? Do they protest the barbarity of female circumcision too?
    On another note, why is this still being conducted on the public sidewalks? Move the entire kapporos operation indoors to a school, onto private property that can be screened off from street viewers. A bit more planning can go a long way in preventing these annoying protests.

  4. Yira- stop posting stuff like that on almost every thread. You are unable to answer a single question about you shitta (remember about torah shbaal peh and 50 years of forgetting the torah?) come back when you have answers.