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WATCH – HAPPENING NOW: Neturei Karta Leading Huge Anti-Israel Rally In Times Square

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  1. Thank you E-O-M, #1, for saying what needs to be said!
    Like Abbas, they are too guilty of incitement! Any איד that חלילה gets hurt, the רבש”ע will hold these fellas responsible. They’re likely not Yidden – just dressed up that way! Their venom is too vitriolic. How could any Yod stand up like that in light of the current events? The conclusion seems rather compelling.

  2. They have stolen the name from the saintly Rabbi Amrom Blau zt”l who would have never sanctioned such idiotic and dangerous propaganda.

  3. I’ve said t before, and I’ll say it again, “what can we expect from the goyim???,if our own people are openly showing the world the hate that they are???
    How can these “superfrumies” place themselves in such a nucleus of tumah??
    And how can they deliberately malign their own to the world,in a manner worse than any goy.
    Sinas chinum armed Hitler and the Nazis yemach shmam, we must daven, say Tehillim, and seek any and every other means to put a stop to such public anti-semitic protesters from among our own.And do whatever possible to prevent the repetition of past tragedies.

  4. This is absolute incitement against Jews living in Israel and should be treated as such. Freedom of speech has its limits. Israel should sue these gangsters in Federal Court. Maybe a couple of years in jail for each of them.

  5. Let’s set the record straight. 1) Rabbeinu Yoel, who the NK claim as their Rebbe/mentor, clearly held one may vote in local/municipal elections in EY.
    2) Rabbeinu Yoel would decide for whom one should cast his/her vote in American National electonselections, based their support for Israel; if they vowed to support Israel, they had his vote.
    3) Rabbeinu Yoel fought openly for the rights of Yidden in Eretz Yisroel.
    4) Rabbeinu Yoel gave large sums of money to all types of Yidden including those who lived in Eretz Yisroel and supported the State.
    5) Rabbeinu Yoel is reported to have been supportive of Chinuch Aztmai schools under certain conditions.

    So who exactly is their Rebbe?

  6. Where is the video of the over 1000 pro-israel supporters?

    I don’t view YWN in order to hear the IRANIAN chevrah rant & rage. What an up side down world.

  7. how come for such long time, rabbonim did not say one word addressing those selfhated Jews? Are those “untizionist” better than those patriots who are going to Har Habais, fighting in IDF etc. Because it seems that way, because you often hear critisim from rabonim addressing those people instead. I wonder how these people from NK still can live among our community, and somehow get support (look how often they travel and nice signs and other expenses they have, someone pay for that and their families) and yet, most people ignore that they exist and prefer to remain silent

  8. @moish csl – What Rav, posek, Rebbe, or Rosh Yeshiva of the Orthodox communities, don’t vehemently oppose the draft of the yoshvei “shaarei Yerushalayim” and the inciteful growth of the settlements. Yes, there certainly are groups of Shomrei Torah u’mitzvos who serve and settle with their leaders’ encouragement, but to say it’s only Satmar and to say they are on the fringe is simply not true.

  9. Don’t these fools realize that if they had been in that bus station today or Har Nof last year, they would have possibly been attacked because the so called “Palestinians” think they look like those hated Jews.

    Even if they are against the Israeli government while Jews are being murdered isn’t the time to demonstrate against their fellow Jews.

  10. Come on Mr kuperman – don’t you want to crawl out from under your rock to explain to us how “real chareidim” don’t support the state of Israel unlike all those fake chareidim (including rav eliashiv etc)?

    You’re always so quick to add your 2 cents worth… Where are you now?

  11. As Crazy as it sounds, these loonies think they are doing the right thing! They have this warped השקפה that at עקביתא דמשיחא Everyone will be off base, except the מיעוטא דמיעוטא, THEM!

  12. NOT: Neturei Karta
    but rather: NUT uraei Karta!

    They should be forbidden to have any connection to Jews and permitted join their anti-semetic friends in Iran.

  13. #10: Their rebbe isn’t reb yoel, rather moshe ber beck, the old stooped guy with the white beard you’ll see at the protests. It’s a group of lunatics from monsey, who have nothing better to do. and it’s always the same guy talking, guess the others don’t know English. These wackos make plenty noise

  14. I am bored and tired of reading these same comments over and over again each time YWN runs an item on NK. Your comments will not stop these NK guys from doing what they do. We all know that.

    What has to be done is a concerted effort to strangle them financially and verbally. What do I mean? There are some out there in the community who know the names and places of these guys. Businesses that are owned by parents of these guys should be boycotted. Shuls should throw out parents who provide safe haven for these guys to live here in NY. Schools should kick out children of these guys. If these proposals are not carried out, then these businesses, shuls, and schools should be treated accordingly as safe harbors of terrorists. Jews have been wimps for far too long. It is high time this attitude changes.

  15. עבירה גוררת עבירה
    You cannot compare and say this is a worse Avairah, only because this Avairah is a result of previous Avairos. And 2 wrongs don’t make a right. People say they want Moshiach to come. But they don’t spend more time learning because of that nor do they support more learners to prove they really want it. So if it’s not דור שכלו זכאי this is what it looks like.

  16. They wont walk on the same side of the street as women from their own community, have a mechitza 3 feet thick floor to ceiling at every simcha, separate entrances for men and women that are often half a block from each other and here they are, in times square one of the most prust places in the entire country. they are standing under several rather prust billboards, yelling and screaming towards a bunch of prust women. I guess it is all ok in the name of whatever mitzvah they believe they are doing.

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