VIDEO: SUV Crashes Into Young Israel Of St. Louis


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University City, Mo (KSDK) – Police are investigating the cause of a Wednesday morning crash involving an out of control car that drove through two yards, sideswiped a synagogue, struck at least two parked cars and ended up in the front yard of a University City home.

The episode unfolded just after 6:30 this morning when the westbound Dodge Durango veered out of control on Delmar Boulevard and crossed through a yard, through some shrubs and hedges, into another yard and into the side of the Young Israel Synagogue at 8101 Delmar.

The out of control SUV wasn’t done there, as it continued into the parking lot where it crashed into a parked car. The impact mashed that vehicle into one parked next to, at the very moment a woman inside the second car was exiting. Incredibly, she was not injured.

The Durango then went into another yard and finally stopped about five feet from crashing into a residence at Delmar and Center.

Two people inside the sport utility vehicle were being treated for non life threatening injuries. There’s been no explanation offered at this point as to what led to the incident.

(Source: KSDK)