VIDEO & PHOTOS: Rain In Yerushalayim


As the situation in Eygypt continues to escalate, residents in Eretz Yisroel are Davening that the situation should result in peace, but have also been davening for the same thing that they have been for the past few months – rain. And at the start of this week, Hashem opened the floodgates in Shomayim so to speak, sending down a torrent of rain. And while some people in other places might be inconvenienced by being caught in a downpour, the residents of Yerushalyim rejoiced at the sight of Gishmei Bracha.

Credits: Yehuda Boltshauser – Kuvien Images

Click HERE for photos.


  1. Hashem is telling Am Yisroel, don’t think I forgot about you despite all the turmoil/fear coming from Egypt.

    I watch over Israel, not Bibi not Obama not the IDF etc. When you need food = rain where do you turn to? to Bibi? To Obama? All eyes to Heaven!!

    Why do you underestimate my power?!