VIDEO: Shimon Gifter Investigates Brooklyn Car Washes After Greenfield Reports Pre-Pesach Price Gauging


On Wednesday, YWN reported that NYC Councilman David Greenfield called on the Department of Consumer Affairs to investigate whether some car washes in Brooklyn are overcharging for pre-Pesach cleanings. Today, YWN Photographer visited some car washes, and interviewed people. He also interviewed Councilman Greenfield on the steps of city hall.

Upon being asked what his response is after seeing the video, Greenfield’s response was “It’s shocking”.

Watch the video, and make your own judgement.

To watch this video from a mobile device, click HERE.

(Moshe Altusky – NYC)


  1. Explain this to me, all of you Conservative free-market types: why can’t a private business raise prices on their services any time they want? Unless there is collusion between ALL car-wash stations in the area to fix the price, then any individual car wash should be allowed to charge whatever they want.

  2. Mechilas Kevoidcha but this to me seems like your making something out of nothing. Just like people Shouldnt shop at Pomegranet if they think its too expensive – do not use this place if you think its too much. Knick tickets cost more against a good team, or playoffs…Plain tickets to Miami are more – so nu car washes are the same. Im sure YWN charges differant prices for its ad depending on the season. David – Its hard enough to do business in NY – please do not make it any harder.

    Moderators Note: Advertising on YWN is cheaper before Yomim Tovim.

  3. The most shocking part of this video is how so many people answer, “I have no idea how much it costs.” Does anyone watch over their finances judiciously? I mean, it is so unfortunate with all the Maos Chitim stories we have heard this year. If you’d like to help, scrutinize what you are spending on and give the extra money to the families. I guess getting money from the government can do that to people. The amont of ignorance in this video is honestly shocking. Kudos to Mr. Greenfield however, for exposing these cons.

  4. “I don’t know”? Everyone in the video seems clueless. Easy victims. Headline reads Price “Gauging”? Really? How is anyone supposed to take this seriously anyway?

  5. for the record the first gas station- passover headquarters that was shown happens to be owned by a jew, who for years was opened on shabbos and recently closed down his whole operation (which is unheard of for a gas station) every shabbos. i feel better giving my money to a jew that makes such a sacrifice even if you may say that his prices are a little steep.
    p.s. i did take my car there this week for a pesach cleaning which cost me $50 which entailed a full vacuum, a wipe down of the whole interior of the car and a cleaning of my child’s car-seat. this job took close to an hour to complete. a job like that is not easy and the $50 was well deserved.

  6. i took my car to get cleaned today, and before they started, i asked how much it would cost and what it would entail. why would you wait until the end to find out?

  7. people are missing the point, its not that they hiked the price before pesach, its that they charge for the same service more money from a jew because they know he most have it done, while at the same time, same day, same service, they charge less for a non jew who will obviously not overpay.

  8. if there are any people out there who are well versed in the halachos of lh, please post a comment on whether it was permissible for me to just have watched that video. i cant reverse anything but at least i will know for next time. i wish i knew halacha well enough to know what the torah says is permissible when dealing with jewish owned businesses

  9. A whole bunch of uneducated consumers!! Maybe they should ask before getting the job done, not just assume and complain later.
    Sorry you got to learn not to let yourself be taken for a ride and the merchants won’t have an opportunity to take advantage

  10. They should investigate the Pesech cleaning services as well. They are price gouging as well. My wife paid $200 for seven hours of cleaning help. Each additional hour was $15.
    That is highway robbery. Go David.

  11. “Moderators Note: Advertising on YWN is cheaper before Yomim Tovim.”

    The cynic in me says that’s because nobody has time to be online before yom tov and certainly not on yom tov. Fewer the eyeballs, the lower the rate. Also, everyone has his brother has a publication, print or electronic, these days, the fiercer the competition, the lower the rates.

    When will Mr. Greenfield look into the kosher food industry? Should a bottle of ketchup cost more because its kosher lipesach? Should a bag of romaine lettuce cost 30% more because suddenly now it is “marror”? Before rosh hashana should a pomegranate that is selling today for a dollar fifty suddenly sell for twice the price because now it is a “shehecheyanu”? Should chicken cost 30 cents more per pound? A savvy shopper wouldn’t get taken for a ride either. I washed my van in kearny, nj for 25 dollars, same thing that was done at these places in brooklyn for upwards of 4x the price, because I had my van cleaned, not a “pre pesach special” service. Caveat emptor. If you want to go after the car wash operators it shouldn’t be for gouging, it should be for taking advantage of fools.

  12. How is this any different than the prices that these matzah bakeries charge for a pound of shemurah? They know you need it so they find the nerve to charge an astronomical amount. If shemurah matzah was baked and sold all year round, would it really be more than five of six bucks a pound?

    That being said,this is a silly waste of time- car washes? Seriously? Its a private business- they can do whatever they want!you don’t like it? Clean your own car!

  13. Is this sort of like when I call a Jewish business and get quoted a higher price because I am not Jewish or when I go to the diamond district to make a purchase and since I don’t speak Hebrew or Yiddish I get charged a higher price? Sounds like the pot calling the kettle black.