Three Fatalities in Negev Car Crash Near Dimona

Crash on Highway 204 near Dimona

3 people were killed in a car accident on Shmini Atzeret in Israel. The deceased included 2 young students, Taher (20) and his cousin Hussein Al-Asalah (19) and a woman Avivit Zarihan (59). The car accident took place between Dimona and Yerucham on Highway 204. In addition to the three people killed Avivit’s husband, also in his 50’s was moderately injured and suffered a full-system injury. The couple has four children.

According to Ynet, the car in which Taher was driving he bought only yesterday. The accident occurred when two private vehicles hit each other near the “Cactus Farm” on the highway that connects the two southern towns. EMS personnel from Magen David Adom and United Hatzalah responded to the incident and treated the four injured people at the scene. Unfortunately, paramedics at the scene were forced to pronounce three of them dead on location. The fourth injured person was transferred to Soroka hospital after receiving first aid treatment at the scene of the accident.

(This story was written by the Israel staff after Shmini Atzeret ended in Israel)