Anti-Semitic Sign Prohibiting Jews Seen Outside Polish Hotel


A sharply anti-Semitic sign, reminiscent of the Nazi era, was posted outside of a Polish hotel recently. The sign reads: “Entrance to Jews and all other thieves and traitors to Poland is prohibited.”

The hotel is located in the Polish village of Krzyzowice, which is in the Vratislav district near the Czech border.

According to Polish media reports, the hotel is owned by Peter Rebak, the leader of the Polish Right-Wing Radical extremist party. His party is an anti-Communist nationalistic party and who burned the effigy of Jewish person during a protest in 2016.

Rebak was accused of hate crimes, when he said that all Jews must leave Poland and head back to Israel. After two years of legal hearing Rebak was sentenced to 10 months in prison. He appealed the decision and his sentence was shortened to 3 months total.

Rebak defended the effigy burning by stating that the doll was made to look like Hungarian billionaire Georg Soros who is pro-immigrant, and the doll was burned at an anti-Muslim rally and not during an anti-Jewish rally. “I didn’t mean that all of the Polish Jews need to leave.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)