Orthodox Jew Phil Goldfeder Wins Assembly Race D-23


According to the AP, Phil Goldfeder, an Orthodox Jewish aide to U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer is the winner in NYS Assembly District 23. As of 11:20PM, there are 57 (out of 90) Precincts reporting, 39% Deacy (3677 votes), 61% Goldfeder (5687 votes).

Further details to follow.

(YWN Desk – NYC)


  1. Yeruchem: I remember when back in yeshiva in Eretz Yisrael you were moser nefesh to put away all the seforim in the beis midrash very late at night. Long after night seder you could be found organizing the beis midrash. Just as you made a kiddush hashem there, may Hashem guide you to make the right decisions and make the Jewish nation proud. You have a big achrayus, and I know you are up to it!! Congratulations!!

  2. So in Torah he’s a Yeshiva graduatte, who even helped put the Sforim away, and in politics he’s a Talmid of Schummer and Silver, who taught him how to keep the Jewish beliefes far far away from daily dealings…

  3. Now that the election is over can all you clowns from other areas that don’t know Yeruchum stop the foolish comments, and vile Motzie Shem Ra?
    We Just went through AV remember churban habayis due to remind me again? o right Sinas Chinom.
    and now we are in Elul, I’m sure before Rosh Hashanah Mr. “rabbi” Hirsh will be calling Yeruchum to ask Michila.
    Md Shweks you might want to as well.
    NEWS FLASH to answer Mr Hirsh’s question the difference is Phil won! because people that know him were not swayed by your slander…

  4. reply to comment 5 this wasent a primery it was aspecial election he won and won big hes going to albany!!!!

    congratulations my dear freind phil were looking fw for a great futor !!

  5. Simcha Green [7]
    You had an easy time slamming people without addressing the point at hand. Yes he won by people who know him, but as I wrote, you don’t know him from politict but from Yeshiva.

    Welcome to the real world. People act in surprising ways in different circomstances…

    Go tell all those who witnessed the Chilul Hashem (and sadly will probebly witness further) that they just don’t know him enough. Going to Albany as Silver’s pupet isn’t going to be much true Kvoid Shomayim.

  6. why does YWN in the winners & losers segment state that he “eeked out” a victory? this is a bigger margin than Turner had over Weprin.
    btw rabbosai, Mordechai HaTzaddik was also only ratooi l’rov echav, it looks like Phil is in good company!
    the Jewish community is the winner.

  7. I guess it remains to be seen if Goldfedder will remain true to the Torah. I assumed Weprin and Silver would when they were elected and I was wrong, yet I am still willing to give him the benefit of the doubt and hope we can keep him on our side.

  8. #11. He will, as long as the Frum community keeps up its recent vigilance.

    My guess is also that the Agudah will stop honoring Silver.

    It is unfortunate the Tzibbur must keep an eye on its leadership.

  9. MDshweks – What reason do you have to assume Mr. Goldfeder would compromise on his principals and beliefs? If you are basing it on the video of his debate posted on YWN, I don’t see what the issue is. He very intelligently stated that he cannot comment on how he would vote for a bill that he did not read. This election is not a forum for personal religious beliefs, but for how one would vote when in office. He did not say he would vote for such a bill, only he cannot comment on it without knowing what is in the bill. Now that the election is over, let us all be “da’am L’Kav Z’chus” and we will see based on his actions in office if he stands up to the reputation he has earned from those who know him.