UPDATED: 2 Dead & 24 Wounded in Los Vegas Shooting


9:55AM IL: According to Fox News, the first official numbers place the fatality count at two, adding this number is expected to go up. There are 24 people wounded, with 12 listed in critical condition.

Gunfire rang out at about 10:00PM local time on a warm summer evening as an outdoor concert on Route 91 across from the Mandalay Casino was winding down. Witnesses stated automatic gunfire was heard, as is confirmed in the video footage.

Terms as “sheer horror” are being used to describe the scene, with some law enforcement personnel seen crying as SWAT and tactical forces continue operating to secure the scene.

It is reported that performer Jason Aldean was playing his last song when the gunfire rang out, reportedly from a high floor of the hotel. The area is not secured at this time as Las Vegas police continue operating in the area. The entire strip has been shut down by police as law enforcement responded from all directions.

Police are now confirming one suspect is down. It is unknown if other suspects remain at large.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)