Overwhelming Community Support For The Election Of Joe Lazar


joe lazar.jpg(Click HERE for photos) This past Sunday, Joe Lazar held a kick-off event for his much anticipated campaign to fill the seat to be vacated in 44th City Council District representing Boro Park, Midwood, Bensonhurst and Dyker Heights. Lazar, a veteran of city and state government and community service for over 40 years, serving as the NYC Regional Director of the NYS Office of Mental Health, and Budget Director for the NYC Department of Buildings, has long since proven his unique ability to successfully navigate large bureaucracies and the legislative bodies which preside over them.  The outstanding support was apparent by the presence of over 200 prominent community leaders and elected officials, at the home of Gedaliah & Rachel Weinberger. This event demonstrated the extensive and diverse district wide support for Lazar’s candidacy.

“I am truly humbled by the outpouring of community support for my candidacy to represent the 44th District of the NYC Council. I have dedicated my entire life toward the theme of my campaign, Experience, Leadership, and Trust. Having spent over three decades in city and state government I am privileged to have garnered the working and institutional knowledge of our legislative bodies, necessary to make certain that our neighborhoods get their fair share,” said Joe Lazar.

“Joe is a person who likes to help people, a person who likes to do good. It was never about just doing his job; it was never about being a bureaucrat in an office. His integrity, his sincerity, these are the things said about Joe way before he ran for office. Everybody knew him as a decent guy, not bought by anyone, not controlled by anyone.  There is no one who knows government better than Joe Lazar, there is no one more capable of accessing funds from different places than Joe Lazar, and there is no one, who’s going to do the most important thing, being there for constituents. That’s the reason why I’m supporting Joe Lazar, because I know that’s what he’s all about“, said Assemblyman Dov Hikind.

“With Joe… what you see is what you get and I like what I see, I know how Joe thinks, whatever he will do will be what’s best for the community,” said Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver. He stressed the long relationship he had with Joe, over the past twenty-five years.
Among the attendees at the Kickoff fundraiser were Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, and Assemblyman Dov Hikind along with a host of elected officials and community leaders from across the district including Congressman Ed Towns, State Senator Diane Savino,  Former State Senator Dr. Seymour Lachman, Assemblyman Peter Abbate, Assemblyman James Brennan, Assemblyman Steven Cymbrowitz, Assemblywoman Rhoda Jacobs, Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz (represented by Bella Vais), NYC Councilman Bill de Blasio, NYC Councilwoman Melinda Katz, Former NYC Councilwoman Dr. Una Clarke, NYS Committeeman Jacob Gold, NYS Committewoman Sharon Fuchs, Lazer Abramovits, Mordechai Avigdor, Simcha Bernath, Moishe Bertram, Dr. Marcel Biberfeld, Aaron Biderman, Moishe Binik, Yonah Blumenfrucht, Ruchama Clapman, Yanky Daskal, Leiby Einhorn, Avrumi Einhorn, Aaron Elbogen, Avi Fishoff, Rabbi Berish Freilich, Menachem Friedman, Yitzchok Fuchs, Bernie Gips, Rabbi Ronnie Greenwald, Shloimy Gross, Rabbi Shea Hecht, Moishe Hellman, Rizy Horowits, Rabbi Shlomo Igel, Chaim Israel, Mendy Israel, Douglas Jablon, Elly Kleinman, Menachem Kohen, Rabbi Shmuel Lefkowitz, Chaim Leshkowitz, Naftali T. Leshkowitz, Esq., Rabbi Yaakov Lonner, Menachem Lubinsky, Mrs. Miriam Lubling, Abish Mendel, Shimon Ostreicher, Peter Rebenwurzel, Alfred Schoenberger, Chaim Schoenblum, Wolf Sender, Chaim Silber, Rabbi Yeruchem Shapiro, Yeruchim Silber, Chanina Sperlin, Joe Stamm, Rabbi Simcha Strohli, Gedaliah Weinberger, Rabbi Meyer Weinberger, Moshe Wieder, Mel Zachter, Faygie Zakheim, and Moshe Zakheim.

(Press Release by Friends of Joe Lazar)


  1. Shame on all those choshuva askanim for sitting in the same room with the State Assembly Speaker after Yehuda Levin pointed out how small his yarmulka is. Why don’t they all respect Yehuda Levins wishes? Don’t they all read YWN?

    I will only support a candidate who surrounds himself with people who’s yarmulka sizes are approved by Levin.

  2. Joe Lazar is one of the unsung heroes of our community. He is a walking kiddush Hashem. He is a humble and tireless worker on behalf of the klal. He is someone who has never gone around touting all his accomplishments. He never sought the limelight and was certainly careful to praise everyone involved in all his work. May G-d repay him and fulfill his heart desire to get this position and continue to help klal yisroel.

  3. deepthinker… What do you think deep about? Chutzpah, Lashon Hora, maybe a shtickle apikorus?
    You’re the chulent here, they’re the heroes!

  4. I dont really know anything about Joe Lazar, and I would really like to know more about his accomplishments.

    I do, however know his running mate David Greenfield very well, who’s a very ehrlicha mentsh, who is endorsed by Simcha Felder, and proved himself by fighting for child tax credits which has helped most tuition paying mishpacha’s receive a $330 tax credit per child, this past year.

  5. I can’t believe that Joe Lazar is finally doing what he should have done years ago. He is the ONLY frum person in public service that deserves full hearted support. I know him and his family from Flatbush. It is a nachas to see his children and grand-children’s kovod habriyos. They learned this at home. While I have not been privy to him in his public life, I’ve heard him being described by people from the entire spectrum of New York society (Jewish and non-Jewish) as being “ah mentch’s mentch”. I say, a vote for Joe Lazar is a vote for mentchlichkeit! Let’s get someone in office who wants to get things accomplished!


    I guess you’re not up to speed. I have nothing aginst Joe Lazar. I understand he’s a nice guy who has been very active in public service.

    I have nothing personal against Gedalia Weinberger, who is one of the Tzaddikim I referred to in my post.

    But, why did they give KoVod to this character Sheldon Silver so soon after he spat in the face of all Gedolei Yisroel, Orthodox Jewry, and all decent Goyin, in general, by rushing through a “Toeiv-Marrige” Bill in Albany.

  7. chizuk,
    If you want to know about Joe Lazar I believe there is a contact number on his website as well as a list of some of the mosdos he has helped. Call that number or contact the mosdos for information.


    I don’t think it is fair to compare 3 years of experience with Joe Lazar who has 40.

  8. Chizuk,
    I know and like Greenfield and don’t believe the rumors that he’s been bought completely by the Syrian, but the tax credit isn’t his shtick. Greenfield lobbied against it with some cockamined legislation. The $330 was passed by the Assembly.

  9. “deep thinker”,
    At my age, you’re either up to speed or dead.
    Who said anything about Joe Lazar? I didn’t. I met him once and had a nice conversation with him. He helped fund MASK where my granddaughter worked.
    I meant Sheldon. The man is a hero. Spit in the face of the Gedolai Yisroel? That’s for the Gedolai Yisroel to say and after all the work he’s done for Jews in America and the world, he deserves more than to be spit on by a “deep thinker”.

  10. I know Joey Lazar for almost two decades, and I have seen the Chesed that he has done for many individuals and organizations. He is so selfless and has never looked to get credit for what he has done, always he has done it quietly. I personaly don’t know Greenfield, but his suporters have gone to other people that I know and said that if you support Lazar in any way, we will suport your opposition. You should know a person by his supporters–see Obama.

  11. David Greenfield has done more for our Yeshivas than
    just about anyone in askonos. And he got it done in just a few years. Imagine what he can do for us in the council! It’s time that we supported the next generation of political leadership in the frum community. I’m excited to support a younger guy for public office. Hatzlacha Rabba David!

  12. I have had the pleasure of working with David Greenfield on behalf of the Yiddim, and let me tell you, I am sure that Joe Lazar is a nice person, but I have never seen such an eidelkeit and a desire to help people as I see in David. If people would see the devotion that he puts in to helping people they would be amazed. I think that its the right time that older people like myself step aside and let people like David Greenfield use his intelligence incredible smart know-how to bring maximum benefit to the Klal.

  13. Agudah_Member,
    If you are truly an Agudah member I would advise you to check with the Agudah leadership as to their opinion about the person you are supporting. I would also advise you to see an eye doctor or psychotherapist because you are seeing things. BTW, Joe Lazar can help you. He has much experience dealing with people who see things that are not there.

  14. hairyashkenazi – check your facts…. you are dead wrong about that – David Greenfield co-founded Teach NYS, who was mostly responsible for your tax credits –

    He organized an an amazing rally in albany – and had to fight many powerful lawmakers including the teachers union to get that passed

    you dont have to vote for him, but at least
    show some hakoras hatoiv!!

  15. Jakyweb……

    ……please stop spewing lashon horah about such a decent man….

    ….you should sit with him one day…and you’ll get to see what a real mentch he is…

  16. ywn_junkie,

    If Joe can help people se things that aren’t there, you should see him immediately. And while you are at it, ask you father (Joe) why at 18 months before the election, he is already embarking on a ngative campaign.

    Your sole purpose on this log is to bash David Greenfield, who happens to be a very nice individual. Notice, my friend that I didn’t make any negative comments about Joe. I even said that your father seems like a very nice guy. There is no need to respond so negatively. When you respond with such venom, you make yourself transparent that you are one of Joe’s twin sons and any points that you attempt to make lose all of their value.

    Also, my dear child, I am an Agudah member and activist for the past 25 years. I tend to frown on Avodah Zara though, and don’t take a zombie-like approach when it comes to listenening to the likes of Shmuel Lefkowitz, who gives Brachas to adulteres or that of Gedaliah Weinberg, whose motivations are definately suspect.

    ywn_junkie – Tell your father to run a positive campaign and not to bring a Chilul Hashem on Klal Yisroel. Thank you.

  17. Agudah_member/David?,
    Still seeing things that are not there? Now you are getting paranoid too? Nice! Keep bashing Agudah. That will only speed along your downfall. Maybe you shouldn’t be up at 5:30 AM posting. A little more sleep would help you with your problems. Oh, one more thing. Rabbi Lefkowitz is a prince of a man and I would appreciate if you do not bash him. Mr. Weinberger I don’t know personally but I have heard only good things about him. I guess anybody who disagrees with Greenfield must be a bad person? What a dumb strategy. You are just making the enemy list longer and longer.

  18. I agree with Aguda_member, let this be a positive campaign – with no MSR or LH – both these candidates seem to be caring and good people…

    ….I will stick with David… but if others go for Joe – we can argue, but let’s not not be mevayesh….

  19. Hi Chizuk,
    Sorry, I’ve got my facts correct on this one. David fought the $330 legislation for another program, one that would’ve favored much wealthier Jews, not the Jews in the Boro Park district (which incidentally is fine by me since I live on Long Island). While David did help with Teach NYS (some of my colleagues attended that rally), he unfortunately took all the credit for it and made himself dozens of enemies in Albany, and alienated a number of good politicians.
    But I do completely agree with you about running a positive campaign, we are all, despite our political differences (JAKYWEB, I am voting for Obama– though I’m still waiting for a clear take about his views on Israel), Jews and we can get along.

    Aguda_member– you seem to be, as the aphroism goes, the pot calling the kettle black. You claim YWN_junkie is using an ad hominem, so you accuse him of being Joe’s sons and use that to attack them. Congratulations, you’re a hippocrite and you should be ashamed of yourself.
    I’m glad that you don’t follow the Agudah blindly; neither do I, but I do value their commitment, morals, and actions on behalf of Jews everywhere. However, in light of your recent comments and condescending attitude, I’d suggest your membership be tactfully revoked.

  20. hairyashkenazi – you seem to be a gentleman – so I’ll respond.

    Bottomline – if not for the unification and intense lobbying of a single conglamorate of private schools from all sides of the spectrum , otherwise known as Teach NYS – no bill would have passed and Frum mishpachas would not have those tax credits today –

    Teach NYS was cofounded by David Greenfield – and it was his leadership that got us those tax credits :)- David was working diligently on getting frum families help with their tuition – REGARDLES OF THE SPECIFIC BILL HE WAS PUSHING FOR – bills get converted all the time – that’s American Politics – but the ultimate passing of legistlation to help our families was very much do to David’s persistence. all else you hear is just shmutz that’s being spread by David’s opponents – and – yes – I agree with you that David had an uphill battle and had to create some enemies along the way – but you know good and well that “you can’t cook eggs, without cracking the shells”.

    Now, don’t take my word for it – search the NY SUN website and many other well known political websites or google and the truth is all there – all else is rumors.



    I will let you have the last reply to this – if you so wish. – I doubt you will agree with me – for that’s human nature.