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(Thursday, May 22nd, 2008 01:46 PM)

rashbi small.jpg1:30PM EST: Hundreds of thousands of people are currently making their way to Har Meron in honor of Lag Ba’Omer. All are eagerly awaiting the “Hadlakah” by the Boyaner Rebbe Shlita – which is just moments away.

YWN has gathered some links of various live links to the festivities which are going to be taking place shortly at Meron. Please be advised that these links are in no way affiliated with YWN, and we are not responsible for any technical difficulties that may occur. Please note, that due to the tremendously high volume of people logging on the same time, they may not work that well.

Link 1: Click HERE

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Link 2: Click HERE (INN – Hebrew)

Link 3: Click HERE (Israeli Police feed)

Link 4: Click HERE (Together-Fund)

To watch a short, 1 minute video of the Hadlakah and dancing at the Kever of RASHBI, click HERE.

NOTE: Those outside of Eretz Yisroel, should beware that there is music on these links & videos.

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  1. ayin tov says:

    I’m having trouble picking up the video feed.
    Any help or suggestions?
    Thanks YW for the service.

  2. Haimi Himelstien says:

    shvacher connection.

  3. eric55 says:

    link #4 works the best

  4. noitallmr says:

    I’ve figured out using several browsers that they only work on Internet Explorer and not Safari, Mozzila etc.

    The first link is corrupt…

  5. willi says:

    how I wish I can be there now!!!

  6. 1tenthOfAMinyan says:

    it shows daylight, now, are you sure that its “live”?

  7. Bar26 says:

    #7 Does this link have sound?

  8. Shnuchel says:

    link 4 is not live. I checked it twice today and saw the same video…..

  9. Thinking out loud says:

    does anyone know of organized meduros that will be taking place in Boro Pard or Flatbush tonight?

  10. rabbi108300 says:

    Dark black moving camaras ng

  11. willi says:

    #7 something’s wrong with the link that you gave.
    can’t hear or see anything

  12. arizal says:

    “NOTE.. to those outside ey, beware there is music”

    why to those outside ey? even for people in ey it is asur till morning!!!

  13. dont have internet says:

    # 13- i dont know what your talking about? i asked a shaila and was told as of 1:30 thurs afternoon u can listen to music

  14. shlepper says:

    This works with sound and many browsers:
    ===> Click on the VIDEO button on the bar to skip the ad intro. It is free.

  15. rabbi108300 says:

    #13 Arizal Not if Lab bomer is on Thursday nite Check it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. rabbi108300 says:

    All 4 links dont work ,no vedio ,no audio JUNK

  17. arizal says:

    #14 dont have internet– who is the rav you asked?

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