WATCH: Angry Drivers Fight ‘Peleg Yerushalmi’ Protesters Who Closed Roads



  1. Only thousands of marathon runners may block traffic. Blocking traffic by making a Kiddush Hashem Berabim is against the law of the land where they’re out to shmad religious Jews via the treif army.

  2. You know, if they did that in Chutz lAretz, the goy would get out of their car and give them a smack in the face. It would teach them some derech eretz.

    If we’re not able to live up to how we should behaving, HaShem has shlichim that can force us to do so Chas veShalom.

  3. I don’t see how they are any different than the BLM movement here in America. There are ways to protest and make your voice heard without disrupting the lives of other people.
    We should be above all of this rioting nonsense. I don’t blame the drivers at all.

  4. Arye i would advise you to begin practicing Torah Judaism instead of worshiping baal peor and trying to convince us that it is ratzon Hashem.
    Any learning that leads to this was obviously a superficial mental excercise.

  5. arye
    im sure you need a shower by now from all the demonstrating
    go take a cold shower comb out your bushy brisker peyos
    clean out your beard from all the croom sevaros you are postulating here
    and either get back to the BM
    or get a freaking job

  6. If they find themselves run over by a driver, there probably wouldn’t be a great degree of concern among most Israelis. At some point, you take responsibility for your own actions. Too many of these demonstrators have no fear of any consequences for disrupting the public order.