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CRYBABIES: Hunger-Striking Princeton Protestors Moan That Nobody Is Monitoring Their Health [SEE THE VIDEOS]

Whiney students at Princeton University are currently on a hunger strike and say they will not eat anything (they are drinking) until the university meets their demands, specifically a “full academic and cultural boycott of Israel” and a guarantee that they won’t themselves be subject to criminal or disciplinary charges.

Princeton has all but ignored the students, who are now getting worried that they might, you know, die if they actually keep their word and continue refusing food. Their desperation was apparent on Tuesday, with the students crying victim and throwing a fit that nobody is bothering to check if they are in good health.

The students – who are doing this willingly and can stop at any time they choose to – moaned that Princeton University administrators are “not monitoring our health. They are not keeping track of our vitals. They are not at all taking care of us.”

“We will continue to starve until they meet our demands,” the insisted.

Those poor babies. We hope they follow through on their “threat” to keep not eating. Besides, a few of them look like they can use a break from food for a while.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


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  1. I wonder how many people out there couldn’t care less if they are fasting. Give it a couple of days of ignoring them and I guarantee you that they will go back home and eat (or at least, have someone sneak them food).

  2. Nobody cares about them! Wow absolutely right. If you want to starve yourself go ahead, hope all of these guys will follow the example.

  3. If their parents are smart they should tell their kids that they won’t pay for their tuition anymore

  4. Don’t send doctors or nurses. Send lawyers to help them draft a last will and testament. That will send the appropriate message.

  5. Someone needs to ID all of them and set up odds on who makes it the longest.

    I definitely wouldn’t put any money on woke big chungus!

  6. I’m sure someone could find a nice Palestinian veterinarian to care for them. After all, if that was good enough to treat the wounds inflicted by Hamas on our innocent captives, surely it’s good enough for the Hamas admirers.

  7. That chubby girl. If I was her size. I won’t be touching a single bread crumb… nothing to do with protecting,

  8. They see themselves as the intellectual elite who are entitled to be treated as a ruling class. They are the ones who see the rest of the country as a “basket of deplorables”. They learn that dislike of elites in hard wired into American culture, going back to the 18th century.

  9. more people should join them!!!! they should feel the pain that their people
    HAMAS inflicted on innocent man, women and children.
    thank you Hashem that no one is looking at them.
    it should stay that way…..

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