PHOTOS: Jerusalem: A Child Is Injured When A Samsung Phone Blows



A nine-year-old Jerusalem child was injured when a Samsung S4 exploded. He was taken to a Terem emergency clinic for treatment. He explained to doctors that he had the phone in his pocket when he began feeling that area getting hot.

The child was on his way to school on Thursday morning 22 Iyar when he placed the phone in his pocket. It exploded and he ended up in the emergency room and then sent home to take a rest following the ordeal.

Terem’s Dr. David Zlotnick reports the child arrived with his parents. After evaluating his condition, it was determined that he sustained second degree burns. The doctor adds that while they see such incidents from time-to-time, they still remain in the category of being uncommon.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem/Photo Credit: Terem Clinics)